Global Civil Society Workshop on the Rio+20 Zero Draft and Rights for Sustainability

Thursday 23 February 2012Date: 24 January 2012 Venue: New York, USA Organizer/s: IBON International (in cooperation with Asia Pacific Research Network, Center for Environment and Development, and People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty) We are pleased to share with you the results of the "Global Civil Society Workshop on the Rio+20 Zero Draft and Rights for Sustainability" held at the Church Center for the United Nations in New York City last January 24. The workshop was attended by more than 70 participants (...) Read more >>

Rights for Sustainability and Sustainable Development Governance

Thursday 23 February 2012Date of Activity: 22 February 2012 Venue: Nairobi, Kenya Organizer/s: IBON International As part of the Rights for Sustainability (R4S) Initiative, IBON International is inviting all civil society actors and government representatives who will attend the upcoming 13th Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF 13) and the twelfth special session of the UNEP Governing Council/ Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC.SS.XII/GMEF) to its Greenroom activity entitled “Rights for (...) Read more >>

Rio for People: Strengthening People’s Capacity for Sustainable Development

Thursday 23 February 2012Date of Activity: 11-13 April 2012 Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam Organizer/s: Asia-Pacific Research Network Despite calls for renewed political commitment to the principles and goals of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to address the unequal and unsustainable character of dominant development patterns, Rio+20 is inclined to reinforcing the same neoliberal framework that was the very cause of the multiple crises of today. The Green Economy, premised on the commodification of nature and ecosystem (...) Read more >>

Questions on Social and Environmental Consideration in Kali Gandaki ’A’ Hydroelectric Project and Upper Seti Hydroelectric Project

Thursday 23 February 2012Date: 1 April 2011 Source: WAFED Keyword/s: hydroelectric project, Kali Gandaki, Upper Seti, accountability and transparency, Asian Development Bank, dam construction, water privatization, Bote indigenous people We are very concerned about the lack of accountability and transparency in ADB-supported Kali Gandaki ’A’ Hydroelectric Project and Upper Seti Hydroelectric Project in Nepal. We would like to ask you the following questions based on our joint research activity in the project sites (...) Read more >>

Melamchi Project and Water Privatization in Kathmandu Valley

Thursday 23 February 2012Author/s: Ratan Bhandari Source: WAFED Type: Campaign Paper Keyword/s: Melamchi Water Supply project, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Kathmandu Valley, water privatization, water campaign, accountability mechanisms Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) is the one of the most controversial projects funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in collaboration with Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), Swedish International (...) Read more >>

Long-term solutions must be sought for the Koshi crisis

Thursday 23 February 2012Date: 20 August 2008 Author/s: Ratan Bhandari Source: WAFED Type: Press Release Keyword/s: displacement, violation of international law, Koshi agreement, Koshi barrage, flood victims, dam constructions The Koshi barrage, intended for flood control, irrigation and generation of electricity, was constructed by India 48 years ago in 1959, on the basis of the 1954 unequal Koshi agreement between Nepal and India. Today this purported flood control device has unleashed unprecedented flooding (...) Read more >>

WAFED strongly opposes ADB tricks to trap Nepal into its water privatization conspiracy

Thursday 23 February 2012Date: 8 February 2008 Source: WAFED Type: Press Release Keyword/s: Asian Development Bank (ADB), water privatization, human right to water, water management Water and Energy Users’ Federation – Nepal (WAFED) strongly opposes the most recent instance of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) duplicity in the continuing saga of forcing Nepal into its trap of privatising Kathmandu Valley water supply and its management, an objective it has been pursuing single-mindedly for the last many years. A (...) Read more >>

Direction to halt West Seti Agreement

Thursday 23 February 2012Date: 3 August 2009 Source: Kantipur Daily (Nepali) Type: News Article Keyword/s: West Seti hydroelectric project, Kathmandu, India’s Power Trading Corporation, Asian Development Bank, water, West Seti electricity Kathmandu- Public Accounts Committee of the legislative parliament has directed the government to halt the new agreement of the debatable West Seti hydroelectric project (750 MW reservoir based), to be done by Ministerial Council, questioning the rights of Nepal in relation to (...) Read more >>

Memorandum Submitted to the Joint Nepal-India Meeting on Water Resources, Particularly the Status of Mahakali Treaty and the Future of Pancheshwar Dam

Thursday 23 February 2012Date: 20 November 2009 Type: Memorandum Source: Water and Energy Users’ Federation To the Representatives Nepal-India Joint Meeting on Water Resources Pokhara Dear sirs/madams, We are writing today to express before you the following concerns we have regarding the past and present of Nepal-India water cooperation, particularly in the context of the controversial status of the Mahakali Treaty and the future of Pancheshwar dam: 1. There should be no any decisions whatsoever regarding (...) Read more >>

Crackdown on Migrants and Refugees in Malaysia

Thursday 23 February 2012Source: Asia-Pacific Mission for Migrants The mass arrests & detention of migrants, refugees and stateless persons in Malaysia has begun. 4 million Malaysians have been mobilized to seek out, arrest, detain and deport any migrant found to be undocumented in Malaysia. Out of this, 2.8 million are ordinary citizens with no proper training (RELA Volunteer Corp), while the remaining 1 million are Immigration officers, police, the military and other enforcement agencies. Key concerns: · (...) Read more >>

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