Corporate Social Responsibility and the Political Agenda of the Corporate

Wednesday 22 February 2012Source: AMRC Author/s: Surendra Pratap Type: Research Paper Keyword/s: corporate social responsibility, political economy, labor, human rights Corporate Social Responsibility and the Political Agenda of the Corporate This chapter investigates the political agenda of the corporate behind corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR took hold as an offshoot of the free market ideology of the 1980s and matured within the context of the new world economic order established by the World Trade (...) Read more >>

Sign-on protest letter against oppression in Orissa, India

Wednesday 22 February 2012Source: AMRC Dear comrades, We need your support to sign the following protest letter to Chief Minister of Orissa, India. Please put send your name or organization and country if you and your organization support this campaign. The letter will be submitted to the Chief Minister of Orissa, India by Amulya Kumar nayak. Thank you In struggle Fahmi on behalf of ATNC Secretariat Asia Monitor Resource Centre Flat 7, 9th Floor, Block A, Fuk Keung Industrial Building (...) Read more >>

Online petition for Trexta workers

Wednesday 22 February 2012Dear Colleagues, We need your solidarity to sign the following on-line petition and circulate among your networks: Few days ago three union leaders are dismissed. We call support for Trexta workers who struggle for their right of organization. In summer 2011, Deri-İş union (Leather Workers Union of Turkey) started its organising campaign at Trexta in Çerkezköy, a leather company producing mobile phone covers for international companies such as (...) Read more >>

People’s Assessment of Public-Private Partnerships in Asia-Pacific

Monday 20 February 2012Public-private partnership (PPP) broadly refers to any arrangement where the private sector supplies infrastructure assets and services that have been traditionally provided by the government. Under PPP, the best mix of available skills and resources from both the government and private sector is expected to deliver value-for-money. PPPs also involve sharing of risks and responsibilities between the government and private sector. Initially deemed as an effective infrastructure development (...) Read more >>

People’s Statement on Sustainable Development and Rio+20

Friday 10 February 2012Date: 17 August 2011 Type: Statement Keyword/s: Rio+20, sustainable development, green economy, institutional framework for sustainable development, United Nations Dear all, We wish to share with you the People’s Statement on Sustainable Development and Rio+20, and CSO action plan which were the main outcome documents from the recently concluded CSO Strategy workshop on Rio+20 held in Bangkok, THailand last August 17, 2011. This was attended by 52 participants from 18 countries. We (...) Read more >>

Indonesia expels civil society leader

Friday 10 February 2012Date: 12 May 2011 Author/s: Asia Pacific Research Network Keyword/s: ASEAN, Asia-Pacific Research Network, Indonesia, civil society, Open Forum, Asian Regional Synthesis Workshop, CSO Development Effectiveness, human rights, ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), people-centered, ASEAN Community Suria Rajini from Sahanivasa Institute, India, a member of Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN)’s Board of Conveners (BOC), was detained by immigration officials upon her (...) Read more >>

Position Statement on Corporate Social Responsibility

Friday 10 February 2012Type: Statement Keyword/s: corporate social responsibility, Codes of Conduct, labor unions, labor laws, multinational corporations In many Asian societies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is generally understood as being no more than corporate-run community development projects to compensate for social and economic injustices. Most of such projects, like constructing schools and health care centres, have been effectively hegemonic, providing strong legitimacy and extensive license (...) Read more >>

Climate Change, Actions in South Asia and SAARC: Some Issues for People’s Agenda

Friday 10 February 2012Date: November 2011 Author/s: EquityBD Type: Campaign Paper Keyword/s: climate change, SAARC, South Asian Commission for Water Energy and Food, regionalism, equity and justice, Climate Change Adaptation Campaign Brief #7 (Climate Change, Actions in South Asia and SAARC: Some Issues for People’s Agenda) discusses the impacts and effects of climate change in the region, and what South Asian governments and SAARC have done so far to address these. Finally, the paper laid down six issues (...) Read more >>

Why should we be the South Asian

Friday 10 February 2012Date: November 2011 Author/s: EquityBD Type: Campaign Paper Keyword/s: SAARC, South Asia, development, people’s participation Campaign Brief #6 (Why should We be the South Asian) examines some of the factors behind the failure of SAARC in addressing the region’s problems. It cites allocation of budget on defense expenses rather than on development as one, the other being the lack of people’s participation in SAARC. To view the campaign paper, click on the attached file (...) Read more >>

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