NEPAL:Resisting for the River

Sunday 2 November 2014Date: 29 October 2014 Source:Earth Island Journal Type: Feature Keywords: Dams Communities in southeastern Nepal are fighting against a proposed big dam project “Ensure the rights of indigenous people to water, forest, and land.” The words are painted in thick pink Nepali script on a rock above the Saptakoshi River. A narrow path below leads to the proposed Saptakoshi Multipurpose High Dam site. It is April, the air thick with the heat of the mid-morning sun in the Eastern Hills of (...) Read more >>

PAKISTAN: Report Says Pakistan’s Women Still Face Worst Inequality In World

Sunday 2 November 2014Date: 28 October 2014 Source: Radio Free Europe Type: News Keywords: Women’s rights A global report by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum shows that Pakistani women continue to face the world’s worst inequality for access to health care, education, and employment. The annual Gender Gap Index, released on October 28, ranked Pakistan 141 out of 142 countries in the survey. It is the third consecutive year that Pakistan has received the second to last ranking. The report says the only (...) Read more >>

BANGLADESH: Moving from a living wage to a dignity wage

Sunday 2 November 2014Date:2 October 2014 Source: The Daily Star Type: Op ed Keywords: jobs and justice, decent wage A great deal of the worldwide advocacy around wages focuses on either increasing the minimum wage or pushing for a living wage. These foci rest primarily on economic considerations as to how much a worker needs to meet her/his basic expenses. Labour advocates will argue that the minimum wage is not sufficient to support a worker’s family. This is true whether the worker is in the United (...) Read more >>

BANGLADESH: No legal protection for domestic workers, unnatural death high

Sunday 2 November 2014Date: 28 October 2014 Source: Dhaka Tribune Type: News Keywords: Domestic workers, labor rig Human rights activists working on the issue Lack of legal protection has left domestic workers in the country vulnerable to abuse by their employers, most of which remain undocumented and, in many cases, result in their untimely death. Human rights activists working on the issue claimed that the situation would not improve unless the government took an active role to establish the rights of (...) Read more >>

PAKISTAN:Threats to sharecroppers may disrupt wheat output

Sunday 2 November 2014Date: 29 October 2014 Source: The International News Type: News Keywords: Peasants, land reform HYDERABAD: A large number of farmers in Sanghar district may fail to sow wheat crop in the forth coming season as landlords are threatening them to leave their agriculture fields. The situation got tensed after the murder of a peasant worker three weeks ago near Sinjhoro, a town in Sanghar, when he dared to demand equal share of crop as per the law. The wheat sowing season will start from (...) Read more >>

PAKISTAN: Cruelty by landlords: Peasants demand justice after killing

Sunday 2 November 2014Date: 28 October 2014 Source: The Express Tribune Type: News Keywords: Peasants, feudalism, land reform KARACHI: A crowd of peasant men and women from across the drought-affected Sanghar district joined a protest rally in Sinjohoro town to demand security for the lives and livelihoods of the farmers on Tuesday. The rally, jointly organised by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (Piler), was led by PFF chairperson Mohammad Ali Shah (...) Read more >>

JAPAN: Resisting US Bases in Okinawa

Monday 27 October 2014Date: 23 October 2014 Source: Type: News Keywords: US Bases in Okinawa They come in kayaks and canoes to protect the bay, maintain a tent city on the beach, and hold candlelight vigils. From posters to marches, songs, and a petition expressing international solidarity, Okinawan residents have left no question about their fierce opposition to construction of a new military base for the U.S. Marines on their island. Overriding these emphatic voices, the Japanese and United (...) Read more >>

Three major nations absent as China launches World Bank rival in Asia

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 24 October 2014 Source: Reuters Type: News Keywords: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Reuters) - Australia, Indonesia and South Korea skipped the launch of a China-backed Asian infrastructure bank on Friday as the United States said it had concerns about the new rival to Western-dominated multilateral lenders. China’s $50 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is seen as a challenge to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, both of which count Washington and (...) Read more >>

China, 20 other countries initiate new Asian bank

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 23 October 2014 Source: WNCN Type: News Keywords: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN Associated Press BEIJING (AP) - Twenty-one Asian nations have signed on to a China-driven initiative to create a new development bank for Asia that’s aimed at boosting infrastructure investment of all kinds. Beijing sees that as a way to raise its international standing, but Washington opposes the move as an unnecessary and potentially damaging rival to established (...) Read more >>

Asia Emerges As Center of Gravity in the International System

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 26 October 2014 Source: The American Type: Op Ed Keywords: Asia, military power, economic growth Asia is one region of the world where conflicts among major powers remain plausible and may even be probable. As Henry Kissinger and others have observed, Asia is emerging as the center of gravity in the international system. The rapid economic growth that began with Japan during the 1960s spread to South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore in the 1970s; China in the 1980s; and India in the (...) Read more >>

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