Unskilled migrant workers: South Korea’s invisible minority?

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 20 October 2014 Source:Deutsche Welle Type: News Keywords:Migrant workers Titled "Bitter Harvest" and based on interviews with 28 migrant workers in South Korea’s farming industry, the Amnesty International report examines a range of issues including incidents of contractual deception, intimidation, trafficking, violence, squalid accommodation, excessive working hours with no weekly rest days and unpaid overtime. The document, released on October 20, found that on average the (...) Read more >>

PHILIPPINES: US pressured Phl for Smith custody

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 24 October 2014 Source:Philippine Star Type: News Keywords:Visiting forces agreement, US militarization MANILA, Philippines - The United States put enormous pressure on the Philippine government to regain custody of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith after his rape conviction in 2006, confidential cables released by WikiLeaks showed. The STAR is reviewing cables released by WikiLeaks in 2011 in the light of the death of Filipino transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, who was allegedly (...) Read more >>

PHILIPPINES: Int’l groups decry abuses in Hacienda Luisita

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 21 October 2014 Source:Bulatlat.org Type: News Keywords: Hacienda Luisita, land grabbing The international group called for a joint inquiry by Senate and the House of Representatives on the reported abuses in Hacienda Luisita. By RONALYN V. OLEA Bulatlat.com MANILA – Catholic nun Helen Frawley was shocked at what she calls brutality in Hacienda Luisita, a sugar estate controlled by the clan of President Benigno Aquino III for more than five decades. In an interview with (...) Read more >>

PHILIPPINES: Attack on job security begins after Nestlè takeover of Wyeth

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 24 October 2014 Source: Bulatlat.org Type: News Keywords: Workers, trade union, contractualization “We are calling for reinstatement because we should not have been dismissed in the first place. We are calling for regularization because we deserve to become regulars for the years of hard work we rendered to the company.” – Jhondel Estabaya, 33, president of SAMA-Ako (Samahan ng Manggagawang Kontraktwal) in Wyeth. By MARYA SALAMAT Bulatlat.com MANILA – For years, activists have (...) Read more >>

Malaysia lawyers march against Sedition Act

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 16 October 2014 Source:Channel News Asia Type: News Keywords: Sedition law Hundreds of Malaysia’s lawyers and their supporters on Thursday (October 16) marched on Parliament demanding the government honours its two-year-old pledge to repeal the Sedition Act the British had introduced in the 1940s to curb dissent against colonial rule. KUALA LUMPUR: Suited up, under the blazing sun, hundreds of Malaysia’s lawyers and their supporters marched on Parliament on Thursday (Oct 16) in a (...) Read more >>

MALAYSIA: Stop hiding behind the OSA – Cynthia Gabriel

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 19 October 2014 Source: The Malaysian Insider Type: News Keywords: Corruption, Malaysia The Centre to Combat Corruption & Cronyism (C4) is disappointed but not surprised at the attorney-general’s latest refusal to disclose details of the controversial water restructuring agreement, inked and finalised, in the dying days of the tenure of former Selangor menteri besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim with the federal government. Only on Friday former finance minister Tengku (...) Read more >>

Malaysia may lose RM5 billion from the TPPA – S.M. Mohamed Idris

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 24 October 2014 Source:The Malaysian Insider Type: News Keywords: TPPA A new paper by a senior economist working in a United Nations agency has shown that Malaysia will not enjoy a net gain in terms of its trade balance as a result of joining the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Instead, Malaysia will suffer a decline in its trade balance with the other eleven TPPA countries by nearly RM5 billion. This finding provides another major reason why Malaysia should not join (...) Read more >>

MYANMAR: 100,000 Minority Rohingya Muslims Flee Persecution in Myanmar

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 25 October 2014 Source: International Business Times Type: News Keywords:Rohingya More than 100,000 minority muslims have fled from religious violence and persecution in Myanmar, charities have said. In recent weeks violence against Rohingya muslims in western Myanmar has led to a mass exodus, as at least 8,000 people fled to neighbouring Thailand, as well as Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Rohingya muslims escaped by boat, desperate to escape communal violence that broke out two (...) Read more >>

THAILAND: Students demand justice 10 years after Thai protest killings

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 25 October 2014 Source: New Strait Times Type: News Keywords: Thailand protest, Tak Bai PATTANI, Thailand: Dozens of students rallied at a mosque in southern Thailand Saturday to demand justice for the deaths of 85 protesters a decade ago, a tragedy rights groups say is fuelling a violent insurgency. The anti-government protest on October 25, 2004 in Tak Bai town in Narathiwat province was one of the bloodiest days in a conflict that has left 6,100 people dead in Thailand’s (...) Read more >>

CAMBODIA: Workers Blockade Highway in Protest of Pay and Conditions

Sunday 26 October 2014Date: 25 October 2014 Source: The Cambodia Daily Type: News Keywords: Wage hike Thousands of workers from the Grand Twins International garment factory—one of two companies listed on the Cambodia Stock Exchange (CSX)—blocked a major highway leading out of Phnom Penh on Friday morning to protest for better working conditions and higher wages. More than 5,000 workers at the factory have been striking since Monday to call for management to address 16 demands including a monthly $15 (...) Read more >>

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