Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations (CAOI)

Saturday 31 March 2012

Contact Information:
Street: Jr. Carlos Arrieta 1049, Santa Beatriz
Lima 1, Peru.

Telephone: 00511-2651061 ; 00511-2651061


Contact: Miguel Palacín

Contact e-mail:

Personas/Cargos: Huanacu Tito, Tomás (Direction Team)

Description: Representative network of Andean Indigenous Original Peoples under consolidation process; proposing alternative for Well Being (Allin Kawsay in Quechua, Sumaq Tamaña in Aymara, Intro Fuil Moguen in Mapudugun-Mapuche); it reassesses principles of Andean cosmovision; implementing collective rights on the territorial, political, cultural and spiritual; fostering integration of indigenous movements from Abya Yala; that it develops alliances with all social sectors excluded and foster the attention and stresses that international processes which include as well all excluded social sectors exerting influence on international process from the rights of the peoples.

- Defense of Earth, territories and unity with Mother Nature.
- Construction of Multinational States and Intercultural Societes
- Implementing the collectives rights of indigenous peoples.
- Reconstitution of our peoples and consolidation of its international articulation.
- Development of legitimacy and alternatives on the international policy incidence of the indigenous peoples.
- Non criminalization of indigenous demands and demilitarization in our territories.

Year in which created: 2006

Languages: Spanish

Descriptors: Indigenous cultura, rights of indigenous rights, FIDC, Fourth Forum, Indigenous Peoples.

Scenarios: International

Países: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru

Regions: Latin America, Andean Region

Types of Agent: Networks / Platforms / Forum

Notes: Inactivated Web (24/11/2011)

Comments: For the indigenous peoples.

Attached to:
- Continental social alliance
- International Forum Democracy and Cooperation

Members organizations:
- Confederation of the people with Kichwa nationality in Ecuador (ECUARUNARI)
- National Council of Ayllus and Markas from Qullasuyu (CONAMAQ)
- Coordination of Mapuche Territorial Identities (CITEM)
- National Coordinator of Communities affected by mining (CONACAMI)
- Organization of Indigenous Nations and Peoples in Argentina (ONPIA)
- National Indigenous Organization from Colombia (ONIC)

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