Latin America Information Agency (ALAI)

Friday 2 March 2012

Contact Information:
Street: Avd. 12 de octubre 622 (N18-24), Of. 503, y Avd. Patria
Quito, Ecuador

Telephone: 593 2 2505074 ; 2221570

Fax: 593 2 2505073

Mail box: Casilla 17-12-877


- Burch, Sally (Collaborator),
- Tamayo G., Eduardo (Collaborator)

Description: The Latin American Information Agency -ALAI- is a communication body committed with the full validity of human rights, gender equality and civil participation in the development and public activity in Latin America. Its action is inscribed on the struggle for communication democratization, as a basic condition of the democratic life and social justice.

ALAI holds a special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission (ECOSOC). It is a member of the International Council of the World Social Forum.

- Struggling for the democratization of communication.
- Motivate, support and foster the development of coordinations and social networks.
- Facilitate the flow and exchange of information and to promote meeting places.
- Fostering and promoting advancement of the rights of women to communication and articulation of social networks.

Scenarios: Internacional

Action Line:
- As central activities, ALAI produces, processes and spread sistematized information; accompanies the development of communication capacities in social organizations; and promotes the right to communication. The Área Mujeres ALAI develops specific programs in communication with women organizations.
- Sistematized information attaches special attention to socio-political dynamics in Latin America, stressing the perspective of social and civil movements, and a contextualized reading of events. It contributes reflection elements on the challenges of present times, and for that it has the cooperation of outstanding analysts and thinkers, as well as of organizations and social leaders.
- The development of communications capacities is oriented to the support of the strengthening of communication mechanisms and strategies related to social coordination and organizations in the continent. Within this framework, and jointly with different social networks and coordinations, ALAI takes part in the Minga Informativa de Movimientos Sociales ( , initiative that has been coordinating information diffusion policies and a common training program in communication. The contributions made by ALAI include several studies on communication.
- The promotion of the right to communication contemplates public sensitization, drafting of proposals, suppor and incidence of policy definition spaces at regional and world level. Within this framework, ALAI favors the participation in agreed campaigns and initiatives.

Types of Agent: Information agencies

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese

Descriptors: Communication, Human Rights, Development, FIDC, First Forum, Women, Fifth Forum.

Regions: Latin America, the Caribbean

Scientific area: Sensitization campaigns, Commulnication, Coordination, Training and education, Publications, Direct actions with collectives.

Sections: Who we are; resources; women area; social service web community; news; publications; map site; campaigns; events; links; search by themes; keyword.

Web Name: Latin America en Movimiento

- Activities for public awareness creation, drafting of proposals, sustenance and pressure at decision making spaces.
- Development of alternative networks with similar entities. In order to facilitate the flow and exchange of information the web site “Latin America en Movimiento" and the "Comunidad Web de Movimientos Sociales" were created.
- Training services (workshops, meetings, consulting services) on knowledge and technical skills related to communication: Definition of strategies and policies; use of new technologies; information treatment.
- Program devoted to the strengthening of the organizative and vindicative advancement of women movements and networks.
- Publications: magazine “Latin America en Movimiento”; monographic series “Apórtes para el debate”and “Aportes para la capacitación popular” (ALAI/Abya Yala).
- Electronic list Alai-amlatina on the juncture and social movements in Latin America.
- Documentary base classified by themes.
- Editorial: Ediciones ALAI.

Attached to:
- Organizing Commission of the World Social Forum – Chapter: Ecuador
- Hemispheric Council of the Americas of the FSA
- International Forum Democracy and Cooperation
- Women Action 20000. Latin America and the Caribbean
- Platform for Communication Rights
- Women Action

Related to: Web Community of Social Movements

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