Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Women (CLADEM)

Sunday 18 March 2012

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Street: Jr. Estados Unidos 1295, Dpto. 702
Jesús María, Lima 11.

Telephone: 51 1 463 92 37

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Mail box: 11-0470, Lima - Peru

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Contact: Norma Enriquez, Regional Coordinator

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Persons/Responsibilities: Enríquez Riascos, Norma (Coordinator)

Emergence: It was created in San José de Costa Rica after the bonds established by different organizations and collectives of women in Latin America at the United Nations World Conference held in Nairobi (1985). I United by coinciding trajectories on legal issues, they also shared the same hurdles and above all the same critical look to Law: "Power is legitimized through law and law legitimizes women subordination ".

Description: Regional network articulating nongovernmental organizations and persons from Latin America and the Caribbean for the promotion, monitoring and defense of interdependent and integral human rights of women from the socio-legal field, with a feminist perspective, in a dynamics that incorporates local, regional and international areas.

It obtained Category II Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission since 1995, and has the powers to participate in the activities of the Organization of American States (equivalent in the OAS to a Consultative Status) since 2002.

- To influence in the defense and to promote a demand in favor of human rights for women in the region with a feminist and critical view of law, through international litigation, monitoring of the States, and the strengthening in the capacity of its members for engaging in the analysis and legal-political argumentation, decision on agendas and strategic design and action courses for a local and regional action policy.
- To contribute from a feminist perspective to the creation of real democracies with social justice, free from discrimination with the full exercise of human rights.
- To work, from an ethnic-racial perspective, on human rights of women placing special interest on the economic, social and cultural ones, defending and fostering full citizen participation, sexual and reproductive rights, and the development of peoples.
- To articulate individuals and nongovernmental organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean for the promotion, monitoring and defense of interdependent and integral human rights of women from the socio-legal field, with a feminist perspective, on a dimension which interconnects local, regional and international planes.

Results: CLADEM contributes to the progressive improvement of competences, skills and abilities of their members in the reading and understanding of the national and international context affecting the emjoyment and exercise of human rights by women, as well as to strengthen their analysis, argumentation and strategic design skills.

CLADEM contributes to the promotion of the expansion of interpretation frameworks on international and national normative in the countries of the region, and the actionable aspects of women human rights through a gender-sensitive jurisprudence obtained through international litigation..

CLADEM contributes to the progressive implementation of the rights of women and to the development of national legislation and to progressive public policies, through the articulation of alliances in order to exert influence on the national and international power centers tending to the fulfillment of their obligation by states which appear on the ratified human rights treaties.

Regularly organized congresses
NOTE: Former ’Structure’:
- National CLADEMS.
- Links.
- Regional Coordination.
- Regional Office.

Year in which created: 1987

In Red Gloobal: YES

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese

Descriptors: Gender-related analysis, Rights of women, Economic, social and cultural rights, Sexual and reproductive rights, Development, FIDC, Gender, First Foru, Third Forum, Fourth Forum, Legislation, Citizen participation, Sexual and reproductive health, Fifth Forum.

Scenarios: State, International, Local, Regional

Action Line:
- Economic, social and cultural rights and globalization.
- The full citizen participation.
- Sexual rights and reproductive rights.
- The right to a life free from violence.

Scientific area: Advisory, Library science and documentation, Awareness-creation campaign, Coordination, Meetings and Seminars, Training and education, Research and studies, Publications.

Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay.

Regions: Latin America, the Caribbean

Roles: Takes precedence

Types of agent: Women organizations, Networks / Platforms / Forum

Edited magazines and/or publications:
- Information magazine CLADEM.
- (Public Silences, Private Deaths: Legal regulation of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. Lima, April 1988) Silencios Públicos Muertes Privadas: La Regulación Jurídica del Aborto en América Latina y el Caribe. Lima, Abril de 1998.
- A matter of life. Regional balance and challenges on the Right of Women to a Violence-free life. CLADEM - OXFAM Lima, July 2000.
- Sexual rights, Reproductive rights, Human rights. Third Regional Seminar, Lima, September 2002.
- Handbook for the drafting of reports to the monitoring committee from a gender-related perspective. Lima, June 2002.
- Declaration of Human Rights from a gender-related perspective. CLADEM. Lima, November 2002.
- CAMPAIGN FOR THE CONVENTION ON SEXUAL RIGHTS AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. Manifesto. First draft (for debate). Lima, November 2002.
- Nothing personal. Implementation of the surgical contraception in Perú. Report. CLADEM, 1999.
- Dossier: Citizenship and rights in a new era: economic and social rights of women as a challenge. Lima, Marzo de 2003 - Dossier: Prostitution: Work or sexual slavery? Lima, December 2003 – Our bodies. Redifining justice. Lima, January 2004 - Dossier: Ten years of legal advances after Cairo. CLADEM, June 2004.
- Dossier on domestic violence in Latin America and the Caribbean.. CLADEM. Lima, Octubre 2005.
- CLADEM Memoir 2006. CLADEM. Lima, February 2007.
- Learning how to dance. How to foster health and reproductive wellbeing of women from a public health perspective and of human rights. (Alicia Eli Yamín). CLADEM – Harvard School of public health. Lima, August 2007.
- Jurisprudence on the protection of the right to health in four Andean countries and in the inter-American system. CIES – CLADEM. Lima, November 2007.
- Monitoring on sexual violence in an armed conflict: Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Niacaragua and Perú. CLADEM. Lima, December 2007.

Other texts:
- The Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico validated the law which eliminates the criminalization in the Federal District of the interruption of a pregnancy, August 2008.
- Honduras: When will the violations of human rights in women will end? August 2008.
- Admissibility report by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights in the case of Karen Atala. August 2008.
- Violence against women: Notes of collaboration for the report of amicus in the petition by Jessica Gonzalez. CLADEM México August 2008.
- Boletín informativo Nº01 - CLADEM Peru. August 2008.
- CLADEM voices its concern for the death threats and abuses during detention. Impunity risk in Chiapas. August 2008.
- Presentation by Valeria Pandjiarjian, Responsible of the Litigation Program, on the access to justice during the Seminar on Monitoring Strategies of the implementation of recommendations by the Expert Committee to government, August 2008.
- First hemispheric report by the Expert Committee of the Follow-up Mechanism on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women. Convention of Belém do Pará (MESECVI) August 2008.
- Contributions by CLADEM to the General Recommendation Art. 2 CEDAW. Equality and no discrimination in the access and enjoyment of the habitat, land and proper housing. August 2008.
- Contributions by CLADEM to the General Recommendation Art. 2 CEDAW Work of women as a guarantee of equality. August 2008.
- CLADEM celebrates the reelection of Silvia Pimentel as an integrating member of the UN Committee on Discrimination against Women (COMITÉ CEDAW) August 2008.
- Photos of the indemnify act to Maria Da Penha August 2008.
- Incorporation of Ana Irma Rivera Lassen to the Consultative Council of CLADEM August 2008.
- The collective Rebeldía (part of CLADEM BOLIVIA) and several organization in Santa Cruz, subscribe the Political Action Platform of the urban social Summit held on July 26-27 2008 at Santa Cruz - Bolivia August 2008.
- PROGRAMS LITIGATION AND MONITORING: Committee CEDAW Effects of the reserves within the context of individual communications August 2008.
- CLADEM PERÚ: Press release "Family violence is not reconcilable” July 2008.
- CLADEM Guatemala: Communiqué Women for life, for peace and justice. July 2008.
- Programme of the Seminar on Strategies for the Monitoring of the Implementation process of the Recommendations presented by the Expert Committee to governments. July 2008.
- Litigation - Bolivia: The State of Bolivia acknowledges international responsibility in the case MZ. July 2008.
- MONITOREO: MUJERES Y DESC. Report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Right, Juana Sotomayor Dávila. Substantive session of 2008 – New York, 30 June to 25 July 2008.
- Litigation - Brazil: The case Maria da Penha. Article published in Folha de Sao Paulo - 07 July 2008.
- Litigation - Brazil: Maria da Penha recives indemnization from the State of Ceará. July 2008

Regional Office: Jr. Estados Unidos 1295 - 702.
Lima 11 - Peru.
Telefax.: 00 51 1 4635898.
E.Mail: .

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Takes precedence:Documentation Centre of CLADEM, Litigation Program, Monitoring Program

Attached to:
- Campaign for a non sexist and anti-discriminatory education
- Campaign for an Inter-American Convention of Sexual and Reproductive Rights
- Coalition of Defenders of Human Rights at the OAS
- Feminist Dialogue
- Forum of Citizen Diplomacy
- International Forum Democracy and Cooperation
- Regional Follow-up Group in Human, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Cartagena Feminist Initiative
- Women Action 2000, Latin America-Caribbean

Member organizations:
- CLADEM - Argentina
- CLADEM - Bolivia
- CLADEM - Brazil
- CLADEM - Chile
- CLADEM - Colombia
- CLADEM - Ecuador
- CLADEM - El Salvador
- CLADEM - Guatemala
- CLADEM - Honduras
- CLADEM - México
- CLADEM - Nicaragua
- CLADEM - Panama
- CLADEM - Paraguay
- CLADEM - Peru
- CLADEM - Puerto Rico
- CLADEM - Dominican Republic
- CLADEM - Uruguay

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