Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE)

Wednesday 21 March 2012

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São Paulo, Brazil.

Telephone: (55-11) 3853-7900

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Contact: Camilla Croso (General Coordinator)

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Emergence: It was created on February 2000, within the framework of the meeting Education For All in the Americas.

Description: The Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE) is a plural articulation of civil society organizations acting in the defense and promotion of the right to a public and free education for all, being a responsibility of the State, responding to the dimensions of access, acceptability, adaptability and accountability.

It wants to promote a transformation so as to attain the setting of a new development pattern providing good living, social justice, human dignity and harmonic relation with the environment in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

- To reaffirm the fact that education is a human right, thus guaranteeing its universal, free-of-charge and compulsory nature, without any type of discrimination.
- Given the fact that education is a fundamental human right and a public good, it should be guarantee by the Rule of Law and not to be considered as a merchandise.
- The education policies in teh region should be place at the service of the society and should reflect the wide criteria of education along the whole life, as expressed by the Education World Summits held in Jomtien and in Dakar, facing the approach of the World Ban and of the Multilateral Financial Institutions.
- The states in the region should have a comprehensive apporach to education, articulating all levels and modalities without loosing sight of the variety and flexibility in the curriculum proposals.
- That education of young and adult persons, including the literacy processes, will have priority in the agneda of the countries with an intersectorial approach.
- For the States to guarantee the implementation of the right to education through a proper and protected financing which guarantee the social control of the Budgetary Cycle covering from the macroeconomic programme to implementation.
- That the equality and non discrimination perspective should be the fundamental core of education policies.
- That teachers and other education professionals should be valued and dignified, with salaries, career plans, teaching trainings and working conditions matching the challenge and the responsibility they are bearing.
- That participatory democracy be strengthened, guaranteeing a greater participation of the civil society in the debate and decision making processes within the legal and political frameworks of Education.
- That education for peace shall constitute a collective construction process to consolidate forms of lving and non-violent solution of conflicts.

Year in which created: 2000

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese

Descriptors: Rigth to education, FIDC, Second Forum, Public Services, Fifth Forum.

Scenarios: International

Action lines:
- Articulation of existing projects in the Latin American and Caribbean civil society for a greater incidence in public policies.
- Promotion of national workshops to promote and strengthen national forum for the right of education for all.
- Holding of research, evaluations and conceptual debates on quality of education. Incidence on public policies;
- Social mobilization.
- Political and legal demandability.
- Inter-institutional articulation with regional and international actors and with national forum.

Regions: Latin America, the Caribbean

Types of Agent: Networks / Platforms / Forum

Library: YES

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Member organizations:
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- Assistant in action
- Argentinean Campaign for the Right to Education (CADE)
- Peruvian Campaign for the Right to Education
- Campanha Nacional pelo Direito à Educaçao
- Colombian Coalition for the Right to Education
- Education for All Collective in Guatemala
- National Committee of the Education for All Campaign
- Latin American Adult Education Council (CEAAL)
- Education Social Contract (CSE)
- Civil Forum for People Education
- Education and Human Development Forum of the Initiative for Nicaragua
- Education for All Forum (EPT)
- Latin American Education Policy Forum (FLAPE)
- Quality for All Education National Forum
- Forum for the Right to Education in Paraguay
- Socio-educational Forum
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- Ibis
- Civil Incidence in Education
- Global March against Children Labour
- Table on Education of the Citizen Control Network
- Education Platform MERCOSUR
- Inter-American Human Rights Platform, Democracy and Development (PIDHDD)
- Reagrupation Education for All
- Popular Education Network among Women in Latin America and the Caribbean (REPEM)
- Save The Children. UK

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