União Nacional de Camponeses (UNAC)

Monday 16 July 2012

Contact Information:
Street: Rua Valentim Siti, n. 30 R/C
Maputo, Mozambique.

Postal code: 1.016

Telephone: 258 (21) 30 67 37 / Cell (82) 30 01 875

Fax: 258 (21) 30 67 38

E-mail: contacto@unac.org.mz ; unac.adv@gmail.com

Contact: Augusto Macheve

E-mail contact: unacmaputo@teledata.mz

Emergence: The National Farmer Union (UNAC) is an association of farmers created to defend the interests of this sector of the population and to respond to the challenges, inequities and expectations of ground organizations at a national level. It was created in 1987 with the support of the UGC as a first nucleus but in 1993 it was able to organize its first General Consultative Assembly and in 1994 its legal personality was acknowledged..

Description: UNAC is a movement of farmers in Mozambique formed by agricultural producers organized on associations, cooperatives and mutual aid groups. It is formed by 50 000 partners organized in around 1000 associations and cooperatives, 64 district unions, 2 general unions and 3 provincial ones.

Its vocation has a national scope, so it is continuously tries to expand and attain a general coverage of the territory. The UNAC owns acknowledged work experience in strengthening sectors of farmers associative movement, in technical training and education and in generating intervention food security.

Its task is to strive for a greater protagonist role of the farmers (women, men, youth) in the creation of a more fair, prosperous and solidarity society..

- To promote and expand (qualitative and quantitatively) the self organization aspects of farmers with the purpose of attaining a dynamic strengthening of the communities.
- To intensify actions that contributes to guarantee food sovereignty of farmer’s families.
- To be everyday more the representative voice defending social, economic and political rights of farmers, so as to attain sustainable development.
- To increase organization capacities as a movement to actively respond to base challenges.

Results: From its very beginning it has been fostering the creation of farmer’s associations. UNAC has implemented activities in the area of the defense of the rights of the farmers, the promotion of rural associations, technical and administrative training, drafting and implementing of development projects and humanitarian and emergency assistance actions.

Likewise, UNAC has contributed in the drafting of the present Law of the Land and through its effort, seriousness and transparence has obtained credibility from state and government institutions and from national and international cooperation partners. At present, UNAC is implementing several projects to strengthen farmer base associations and communities in different areas of the country.

Year in which created: 1987

Languages: English, Portuguese

Descriptors: Agriculture, Rural Development, FIDC, Rural women, Food sovereignty, Fifth Forum.

Scenarios: State

Action Lines:
- Strengthening of rural communities.
- Land.
- Marketing.
- Participatory rural extension.
- Political voice of farmers.
- Food sovereignty.
- Gender

Countries: Mozambique

Regions: Southern Africa

Types of Agent: Networks / Platforms / Forum

Attached to:
- International Forum Democracy and Cooperation
- Via Campesina. Office for Africa. Mozambique

See online : http://www.unac.org.mz/

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