MYANMAR: ASEAN Peoples’ Forum 2014 Representatives Meet with ASEAN Affairs Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar to Prepare for an Interface Meeting with ASEAN Leaders

Friday 25 April 2014

Date: 10 April 2014

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Source:Burma Partnership

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Members of Steering Committee of ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF) 2014, yesterday, met with ASEAN Affairs Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar at Naypyidaw to hold an initial discussion on interface meeting between ASEAN Civil Society representatives and leaders of ASEAN countries.

The 6-member delegate led by Daw May May Pyone, Chair of the Steering Committee of ACSC/APF 2014, was received by U Aung Lin, Director General, and U Aung Htoo, Deputy Director General of the ASEAN Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The reception was followed by a 45-minute discussion regarding the process and prospect of organizing an interface meeting between leaders of ASEAN Governments and representatives of Civil Societies from respective ASEAN countries who are yet to be elected.

During the discussion, the delegate put forward the proposal for the much anticipated interface meeting set to be held on May 11 with the principles of Meaningful dialogue, Advancing People’s Voices and Advocacy, Mutual Respect and Self-selection. The Director General expressed his appreciation for the effort of the Civil Societies in organizing the largest ACSC/APF in history in Myanmar and welcomed the proposal for interface meeting. He continued to encourage the delegates to make the interface meeting successful noting that representatives to the interface meeting are recommended to be agreeable to the governments. The meeting was very positive overall and both sides believe a meaningful dialogue is achievable.

After this initial meeting, civil societies are to undertake a process of elections to choose one representative for each ASEAN member countries and summit the full list of representatives to the governments as soon as possible.

Interface meetings have been a way of engagement for civil societies but have taken different forms during the past 9 years depending on the level of engagement allowed by the governments. Civil Societies in ASEAN are eager to mark a milestone on the 10th anniversary of ACSC/APF with a concrete achievement through a meaningful dialogue and engagement.

ACSC/APF, initiated by Malaysia in 2005, is a forum held every year in prior to the ASEAN Summits as a platform for civil societies across ASEAN and beyond to come together to discuss a wide range of issues encountered within ASEAN. The forum is usually followed by an interface meeting where representatives from the forum meet with ASEAN leaders to summit the forum outcomes.

For interviews please contacts Daw May May Pyone, Chair, ACSC/APF Steering Committee (Myanmar/English) + 9595096935 / 095096935 U Aung Myo Min, Member of Steering Committee (Muanmar/English) +95 (0)9448015306 Mr. Augusto Miclat, Member of Steering Committee (English) +63822992574

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