Cape Verde inaugurates a free telephone line for the denunciation of violence cases against women

Wednesday 30 January 2013

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Source: PANA.

Language: Portuguese.

Type of document: Information.

Country and Date: Cape Verde, 28 November 2012.

Theme: Gender.

Keywords: Gender, violence, PANA, Cape Verde.

This last Wednesday Cape Verde inaugurated a free telephone line for the denunciation of gender related violence cases. PANA knew from an official source in the city of Praia that the practice of violence against women is considered a public crime.

We are referring to SOS line number 800- 18- 18, offered by the Institute for Gender Equality and Equity in Cape Verde to victims of gender related violence and also to those committing this type of crime and wishing to receive treatment to abandon this practice.

Among the main addressees of this new line is also a third group, those aware of situations of gender related violence wanting to denounce them to officials, and keeping in the anonymity.

This is another Project developed by ICIEG in cooperation with the National Police and its objective is to supplement efforts for an effective implementation of the Special Law for Gender Related Violence implemented in the archipelago for about two years now.

The real dimension of gender related violence and its personal, familiar and social consequences in Cape Verde are not yet known. The problem has been scarcely studied and there is a lack of systematic and systematized data.

Nevertheless, the country has a good production of laws to inhibit, prevent, protect, and reinsert victims of gender related violence.

Cape Verde has signed and ratified a set of international conventions demanding the commitment by the member states to “guarantee the promotion, fulfillment and protection of the rights of women so that they shall be able to fully enjoy all their human rights”.

The archipelago has ratified inter alia the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence and Discrimination against Women and the African Charter of Human Rights and Peoples’ Rights.

At a domestic level, the Constitution of the Republic, the Family Code as part of the Civil Code, the Criminal Code and the Penal Processing Code also establish a strong concept regarding the respect to human rights of men and women, inhibiting practices and behaviors that might violate those rights.

In a similar way, a group of institutions, both public and from the civil society, are progressively developing actions with the purpose of decreasing gender related violence.

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