Communiqué by Peasant Organizations

Argentina: Attempt to seize the Municipality Rivadavia Banda Norte (Salta)

Thursday 4 April 2013

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Signatories: Peasant organizations.

Published by: Latin American Union of Agrarian Technicians (ULTERA by its acronym in Spanish).

Canal: Peoples’ Coalition for Food Sovereignty (PCFS).

Type of document: Communiqués and statements.

Language: Spanish.

Theme: Habitat.

Keywords: Peasantry, Human rights, Labor rights, Government, Justice, Politics, Indigenous peoples, Territory.

Countries and Regions: Argentina.

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Yesterday, March 23, prior to the day of the true memory and justice for men and women, we decided to say enough, NEVER MORE, NEVER LESS, FOR TRUTH, MEMORY AND JUSTICE we are invoking this so symbolic phrase since it is, what we want to have back in our municipality; we are working people and we do believe that working in this municipal, regional and national project we will be able to move forward, we are saying no to the old politic of groping and using of people for their own convenience; with great astonishment we listen to some people in our municipality having a history which cannot be erase overnight, to listen them saying they are worried today for our rights to the land, for our right to labor; the same people that with violence, bad treatment and indifference allowed for 16 years not to acknowledge our right to the land and much less our rights to labor; they are the same ones that order the repression of our aborigines, they are the same ones that called our peasants ignorant, they are the same saying that our culture and our work is no good, and they are the same people that today and ever WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO SPEAK ON OUR BEHALF, we want to inform all those people that we alone started our struggle for our rights and we have been organized for some years now, that we are still struggling and will continue for as long as it is necessary until the last peasant and our brother aborigines will have the deed for their land, since for us land is life, is our good living and it is not a mere business as they think of it.

We want to show this people and those accompanying them that we are not thinking like they do, we want for the people to realize that without violence, without insults and without offence another type of politics is possible, one more inclusive and participatory FOR THAT PURPOSE YESTERDAY MARCH 23 CREOLE PEOPLE AND ABORIGINES TOGETHER WE LAUNCHE A CALL TO DEFEND THE WORK OF OUR LADY MAYOR, COMRADE AND SOCIAL LEADER MARCELA CARABAJAL.

Since we are able to understand that we are defending our desire for a change and we do believe in the honesty and good management of our lady mayor which was elected by the majority and in full democracy, we do not accept, we reject and repudiate the political maneuvering by some sectors trying to disturb this joint building process we have attained, after sixteen years of a policy of poverty, denigration and ignorance of us, exerted by those nefarious characters of the local policy such as the former mayor Atta Gerala, the present Provincial Senator Mashur Lapad, President of the Chamber of Senators and the Provincial Deputy Dante Arroyo, who from the shadows are instructing a group of thirty people who this weekend attempted to seize the Municipality to plunder and destroy what has been attained by the new lady mayor with great effort since she was given a municipality devoid of both its patrimony and of its wealth when these criminals abandoned it after their defeat in the elections held in October 2011.

This is the reason why the indigenous and peasant organizations are placing all the blame for any action of social violence taking place in our town directly in the hands of the Provincial Senator MashurLapad , the Provincial Deputy Dante Arroyo and the former mayor AttaGerala, also in the police that is not fulfilling its duty of protecting the democratic institutions such as the provincial government and who look to the other side in order not to see these events thus supporting the actions of this group of mercenaries in silence.

For all what has been expressed supra and implementing our civic rights we held a demonstration and a march on Saturday 23 all along the streets of our town to support our present municipal government, convinced of the fact that under the government of our lady mayor we are changing and generating a new policy for the whole of the municipality of Rivadavia Banda Norte and not only for a limited sector with the due respect we deserve and we are saying to those who used to place a stigma on us that WE FEEL PROUD IN BEEN PEASANTDS AND ABORIGINES SINCE WE DO HAVE A SOLID IDENTITY WITH FIRM CONVICTIONS THAT IS NOT SOLD, IT IS PRESEVE AND IT IS SUSTAIN.


See online : Argentina: Attempt to seize the Municipality Rivadavia Banda Norte (Salta)

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