Argentina: Statement Southern Cone Region CLOC- Vía Campesina

Wednesday 20 March 2013

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Signers: Latin American Coordinator of Countryside-based Organizations - CLOC- CONO SUR.

Editorial and Canal: Latin American of Countryside-based Organizations (CLOC).

Type of document: Communiqués and statements.

Language: Spanish.

Theme: Networks Redes.

Keywords: Afro-descendants, Peasantry, Women, Indigenous peoples, Natural resources, Food sovereignty, Territory.

Countries and Regions: Southern Cone.

Description: Statement from an organization.

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We delegates from women, youth and peasant organizations from 28 Souther Cone Region organizations from CLOC – Via Campesina, meeting in March 17-18 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


After assessing our local and regional juncture, we realize that we peasants, indigenous, Afro -descendants are exposed to and receive the biggest aggressions facing the advance of the plundering capital of our natural goods for its agro-mining phase, thus, multinationals invade our territories for the implementation of large hydropower dams, mega mining projects, monoculture with a strong dependence on agro toxics.

In our region, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, have a huge list of comrades, from both sexes, killed by hired assassins of the agro-business entrepreneurs. We take a look and we feel deeply moved by the political and repressive situation our indigenous comrades, the peasants from Paraguay are confronting who are systematically chased and assassinated for defending their right to land and to freedom and we decided to declare ourselves in a permanent alert.

We have been able to advance in consolidation and in the visibility of our struggling banners, in the strengthening of our working teams and collectively we face a challenge of strengthening the multiplication of militants which are aware of the class struggle and our international principles.

Our fundamental tools to stop the indiscriminate advance of monocultures and to recover, strengthen and safeguard our popular knowledge for the good living of our peoples are the IALAS GUARANI, AMAZONICO, EELA, youth camps, women schools and other meeting and reflection spaces.

We reaffirm the collective challenge of supporting the operative secretariat of CLOC-VC, exerting the greatest effort and supporting the strengthening of our struggles in the continent.

We are launching an appeal from CLOC- CONO SUR to continue reaffirming our permanent solidarity facing the attempts against the live of our communities organized by the land, its fundamental territory to guarantee our food sovereignty.

Today, we repudiate the attitude of the authorities from Paraguay that are not looking for a political solution to the inequalities generated by the land problems and we make them responsible for the damages they might suffer as a result of a hunger strike by political prisoners of the Curuguaty case and we demand the release of fourteen prisoners and the clearing of the case.

We, CLOC-Cono Sur, are demanding from the governments in the region to stop remaining silent and not to continue being accomplices for the missing of women and men, for the loss of our native seeds and the Creole ones, for the loss and pollution of the land, the water and our goods belonging to the peoples and placed at the service of our humanity.

We are also expressing our solidarity with the organizations CLOC-VC Central America that are present are chased and assassinated for defending their land and their territory, as well as on behalf of all peoples enduring the struggle for a dignified life and creating a more equitable and fair world for all.

Let’s globalize the struggle, Let’s globalize hope!

See online : Argentina: Statement Southern Cone Region CLOC- Vía Campesina

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