CLADEM: Communiqué resulting from an increase in violence against women in Bolivia

Wednesday 23 January 2013

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- Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Women (Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer) (CLADEM).

- CLADEM Bolivia.

Editorial and Canal: CLADEM.

Type of document: Communiqués and statements.

Language: Spanish.

Subject: Impunity and Gender related violence.

Keywords: Rights of women, Femicide, Government, Impunity, Legislation, Women, Girls, Gender related violence, Domestic violence, Sexual violence.

Countries and Regions: Bolivia.

Description: Denounce communiqué.

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The Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Women (CLADEM –BOLIVIA) concerned by the increase in the violence against women in the country such as rapes, assassinations, physical aggressions and other wishes to express the following:

- The existence of prevention and sanction laws related to violence against women and girls which have not been implemented by the State due to a lack of political will of the officials to create sound institutions that will provide follow-up to gender related activities and for the eradication of violence.

- Cases of sexual violence, domestic violence, assassinations of women just for their gender conditions (femicides) and other horrible crimes remain unpunished due to the lack of action by the Public Prosecutor office whose officials have deeply rooted patriarchal prejudices thus acting with negligence in order to discourage the victims and to free the aggressors.

- The impunity of the cases of sexual and domestic violence (96% of the denounced cases) is consolidated by the pressures endured by the victims within his family environment and when they go to state institutions seeking for justice, for a lack of resources to cover the cost of the laboratory expenses, appointments, and, above everything, in the secondary victimization they suffer in the hands of the authorities and the support staff ignoring the specificities of the problem, in the sense of the normative and jurisprudence both national and international.

- Impunity constitutes the perfect encouragement for the multiplication and perpetuating of violence, since the message aggressors and potential aggressors receive is that their conduct does not deserve any reproach whatsoever.

- The specific cases of violence against women by author who are linked to the political power, added to the negligent and tolerant acting of the authorities in charge of the investigation and sanction, or the urge to divert public attention to secondary events so as to liberate of any responsibility the aggressors make us doubt about the sincerity of the discourse regarding the respect to women.

Based on all what is mentioned supra we request from the authorities of the State Organs:

- An independent acting and in consonance with active laws in the country and the international standards of human rights from the public prosecutor office, judges and magistrates, honoring the ethical standards demanded from them in their capacity as lawyers and authorities.

- The strengthening and institutionalization of governmental mechanisms in charge of gender related policies and the allocation of sufficient and proper economic and human resources.

- The approval of a Comprehensive Law against Violence on Women, taking into consideration the resources required for its implementation.

Finally WE DEMAND:

- An ex officio power of investigation and the sanctioning of the author or authors of the raping of an indigenous woman by the Legislative Assembly of Chuquisaca, presenting on the side actions with an intention to divert public attention with the involvement of third persons.

- An end to the impunity on crimes which violate the right of women to a life free from violence, and the guaranteed access to an efficient and opportune justice for the victims, regardless of the fact that the aggressors are authorities or hold the political power.

Bolivia, 21 January 2013.

See online : CLADEM: Communiqué resulting from an increase in violence against women in Bolivia

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