Colectiva Mujeres facing the racist and gender related violence against comrade Tania Ramírez

Friday 21 December 2012

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Authorship: Colectiva Mujeres.

Published: Colectiva Mujeres.

Canal: Popular Education Network among Women in Latin America and the Caribbean (Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres de América Latina y el Caribe) (REPEM).

Type of document: Communiqués and statements.

Language: Spanish.

Theme: Women and gender related violence.

Keywords: Afro-descendants, Women, Racism, Gender-related violence, Sexual violence.

Countries and Regions: Uruguay.

We are expressing our solidarity with Tania and her family.

We condemn and repudiate racial and gender-related violence which serves as an evidence that in Uruguay there are persons expressing their racial intolerance with verbal and extreme physical violence.

At present Tania Ramírez makes the news, but it was not due to the fact that she or any other Afro-descendant woman were called Nigger and were order to straighten their kinky hair.

The girls that have to endure the insult at school, or the mothers and fathers that need to confront teachers, psychologists and elementary or secondary level education officials when their children react with violence whenever they have to listen, time and again, to this insult, do not make the news.

Women and men who get this insult when they are going our looking for a job and they can’t get in just because their skin color which doesn’t fit to the “good presence”, or when while walking along a street they decide to enter into a shop and are monitored just for the fact they are Afro-descendants, for being blacks, for being suspicious persons, they don’t make the news.

Tania is a young, Afro-descendant woman, 27 year old, militant, a worker, university student, comrade, a solidarity given woman, committed to social changes.

According to what it’s heard through all social, political, economic and cultural levels and sectors, starting from the speech delivered by Mr. ….. President of the Republic on March 1st, 2010 at Independence Square, in Uruguay there is no RACISM, and we quote his words: “… We can and we should continue the construction of a welcoming land that will open its arms to all type of solitude existing in Latin America. We are a people result from an alluvium. Here we have all creeds, all types of culture, here there is no discrimination, neither against blacks nor against the poor ones, and there is no sexual discrimination due to the type of choice a person might take. Perhaps a defect we do have is that we are strongly Republican and almost somatically egalitarian…”.

Even in the most popular tribunes in Uruguay there is no RACISM when Suarez insulted Patrice Ebra at a football match, all the media stressed how unfair the British people was with that football star that took us to the fourth place at a world level.

According to the state RACISM is a problem of poverty; for an important sector of the Uruguayan society RACISM is an attitude, in fact RACISM is what you don’t want to see, if I don’t see it I don’t have to accept it, and if I don’t accept it then it doesn’t exist, and if it doesn’t exist I don’t have to take any action, and if I don’t take any action, nothing happens.

Today the name is Tania and it is a sample of that which society doesn’t want to see, on a daily basis, the anonyms, that which Afro-descendant women and men have to face live and feel as URUGUAYAN CIZITENS, in their body, their bones and in their skin.


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