Heroic resistance of the Lenca people

Wednesday 12 June 2013

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Authorship: Juan Almendares

Editorial and Canal: Latin American Information Agency (Agencia Latinoamericana de Información) (ALAI)

Type of document: Article

Language: Spanish

Theme: Solidarity

Keywords: Human rights defenders, Justice, Social problems, International solidarity

Countries and Regions: Honduras

Freedom for Berta Cáceres!

“First land, mountains and valleys were formed; flowing water was divided, strings flow freely among the hills, and water was divided when the high mountains appeared.

This is the way the earth was formed, when it was formed by the Heart of the Heaven, the Heart of the Land, as the first ones to fertilize it are called, when heaven was in suspense and the earth was immersed in the water.” Popol Vuh.

While attending schools and academies we are taught that water is a product of the mixing of hydrogen and oxygen with the following chemical formulation: H2O. Nevertheless, the world view of Lenca indigenous communities in Honduras teaches us that water is the essence of live and that rivers are live in movement so when water are kept in dams as in a jail, live is also jailed and when river die so die the peoples.

The chemical symbolism of the academy without taking into consideration the people or the awareness turns out poor and empty when faced to the cultural wealth of the world view of peoples.

Wisdom shared by indigenous communities expresses that the freedom of water in the rivers is a necessary condition for the placenta circulation of Mother Earth, to nurture living beings and when that umbilical cord is strangled by dams and water is polluted by mining exploitation, biodiversity is degenerated, forests are destroyed, the harmonic balance of nature is altered and dengue, malaria, congenital malformations, cancer and other degenerative diseases increase.

There are more than seventy days of resistance in Río Blanco waged by Lencas to reject hydropower and mining projects in Agua Zarca, Llanitos. They already have suffered over two months of repression and persecution for defending live, rivers, and their territories. It is the defense of the love to Mother Earth, the respect for human rights, the right to water and the historical dignity of families, communities and peoples.

They have spent more than seventy days in confrontation to the military “disciples from the School of the America” trained in torture practices, and on the evil creation of terror. The repressive bodies are the guards from the multinational companies working under umbrella laws enacted by the oppressing class which criminalize popular mobilization and this has a direct link with the profit rate and in an alliance with imperialist globalization.

On the viewfinder of the military and juridical intelligence forces is the Lenca indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, who was taken to trial for defending the life of rivers, the culture of the people and the rights of Mother Earth. The first hearing to place in jail Berta Cáceres took place on June 13 in Santa Bárbara, a place with the largest number of shameful concessions represented by the most dangerous mining exploitation in the history of colonization and re-colonization in Honduras.

The courage of Berta Cáceres and of the Lenca communities invite us to provide an urgent human and planet solidarity equally on the local, national and international level in defense of human, cultural and territorial rights.

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