I am marching with the peoples, Civil Society Organizations, Santiago de Chile (Chile), 25 January 2013

Wednesday 23 January 2013

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Caller: People’s Summit 2013.

Canal: Regional Antenna ALC.

Venue: from FAU (Portugal) until Plaza de Armas, Santiago de Chile.

Date: 25 January - 18.00hrs.

Type: Marches.

Language: Spanish.


Keywords: Social justice, Social movements, International solidarity.

Countries and Regions: Chile, Latin America, European Union.

At the opening of the People’s Summit 2013 we, the participants, express: “I’m marching with the peoples”.

“I’m marching with the Peoples”, that is the invitation sent by the People’s Summit 2013 for this January 25th, where over 400 social organizations and citizens in general will mobilize for “Social justice, international solidarity and sovereignty of the peoples”.

The main march seeks to make visible the main social actors in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe that from January 25 to 27 will meet in Santiago de Chile to Exchange demands and proposals by mobilized peoples in both regions struggling against neoliberal policies affecting the peoples, which are demanding other models and ways of living in diversity, with concrete proposals towards a Good Living.

It is worth mentioning that the international meeting of the social movements will work in opposition to the CELAC-European Union Summit, as has been done since Seattle 1998, where organized citizens gather and hold convergence assemblies.

I’m marching with the Peoples

This is an open invitation for all citizens wishing to express their dissatisfaction and to join the social transformation processes to defend their common goods and to reject the commodification of nature and life.

Join us, how? Spread in the social networks the message “I’m marching with the peoples #cumbredelospueblos2013, sending it to the Twitter: @CumbrePueblos13 or to the Facebook page: Cumbre de los Pueblos 2013.

Also share with us your photos and/or videos with your preparatory activities, both for the Summit as for the mobilization.

See online : 25 January: I’m marching with the peoples

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