Link Group CLADEM Guatemala demands the ending of violence and femicides

Thursday 24 January 2013

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Authorship: Link Group CLADEM Guatemala.

Canal: Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Women (Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer) (CLADEM).

Type of document: Communiqués and statements.

Language: Spanish.

Subject: Femicide.

Keywords: Rights of women, Human rights, Femicide, Legislation, Women, Women, Indigenous women.

Countries and Regions: Guatemala.

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Link Group Cladem Guatemala facing the 560 cases of femicides that have taken place in Guatemala during 2012, according to the registry of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences –INACIF according to its acronym in Spanish-, added to the cases of women dead for suicide during 2012 in the departments of (1), Quetzaltenango, Jutiapa e Izabal, women ranging from 15 to 39 year of age took their lives due to some interfamily violence situations, alcoholism, drug addiction or simply for being the object of violence we express the following:

OUR CONCERN on the fact, that only twenty one days into the year 2013 there have already registered the amount of 41 women have died through a violent way from different age groups (2), including some minors, who were found dead, raped, tortured and treated like an object, such as the case of 6 women corpses found in recent days.

OUR REGRET for the fact that the figures of violence are not precise, since in our country there is a sort of sub-registry in which not all cases are included, especially those of indigenous women who die in the most isolated and remote places in the Republic and when registered they are included as “accidental” deaths, thus making these violent deaths of women even more invisible transforming them into covered femicides.

THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT of the fact that there is a correlation of these violent actions with the male bias patriarchal system, like the one enacted in the State of Guatemala, which favors a culture of subordination, discrimination and violence against women, thus affecting the lack of fulfillment of the human rights of women.

OUR APPRECIATION for the efforts and the work done by women network and organizations in which we tenaciously work to create conditions so that this lack of respect and non fulfillment of the right of women be taken by the institutions of the three State organs. We urge all of us to be fully in communication to generate articulation and coordination in order to attain the fulfillment and the protection of our rights as citizenships.

OUR DENUNCIATION for the lack of DUE DILIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE STATE, the lack of Access to justice and the impunity, the lack of protection to the lives of women and in some cases to the lives of their daughters and sons. In the same way WE REJECT any initiative trying to weaken institutional mechanism of the State responding to the rights of women such as: the Presidential Secretariat of Women - –SEPREM-, the National Coordinator for the Prevention of Interfamily Violence and against Women -CONAPREVI-, the Defense Office for Indigenous Women –DEMI-; the National Forum of Women; the Defense Office of Women in the Attorney General’s office for Human Rights, the Commission on Women from the Congress of the Republic and the Public Prosecutor Office for Women.

OUR APPEAL to the three organs of the State to strengthen institutionalism of state mechanism for women such as SEPREM, CONAPREVI and to implement with a proper budget the PLAN NOVI, and, WE DEMAND the financial, political, technical and administrative strengthening of institutional mechanism of the Guatemalan State related to the rights of women and to effectively honor international and regional commitments on human rights, as well as the recommendations to guarantee the full validity of the human rights of women.

Guatemala, 23 January 2013.

"For the prevention, sanction and eradication of violence against women in Guatemala" It is about time!

(1) Quotation from the daily El Periódico dated 14 January 2013. (2) Department of the Interior at a press conference dated 21 January 2013.

See online : Link Group CLADEM Guatemala demands the ending of violence and femicides

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