Paraguay: CIDH obtained information and received requests on cases of human rights violations

Thursday 21 March 2013

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Within the framework of the 147th session of the Inter American Human Rights Commission (CIDH by its acronym in Spanish), representatives from civil society organizations in Paraguay requested the commission:

1) The implementation of an In Loco Visit by the CIDH to the country to verify the situations denounced within the framework of the hearing organized by the Commission;

2) A statement related to the human rights violation associated to the Massacre in Curuguaty;

3) To request from the Paraguayan state data on the investigation of the torture denunciations suffered by several persons detained around the case Curuguaty;

4) That the CIDH requests information from the Paraguayan state regarding:

a) To know if actions in favor of boys, girls and adolescents victims of the massacre in Curuguaty are being made and if this is so, then which are said actions; b) Procedures implemented for the robbing of the territory occupied by the indigenous community Cuyabia, and on the continuous clearing of the national and cultural patrimony Ayoreo Totobiegosode; c) The status of recent assassinations of three peasant leaders and to monitor the situation of other human rights defenders threatened.

These requests were presented in the hearing “General Situation of Human Rights in Paraguay”, which took place last Friday March 15 in the venue of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C., United States of America.

It was granted as a response to the request presented by the Human Rights Coordinator of Paraguay (CODEHUPY), the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights (CLADEM) and CLADEM Paraguay, Peace and Justice Service Paraguay (SERPAJ Py), Coordinator of rural and Indigenous Women of Paraguay (CONAMURI) and Catholic women for the right to take a decision Paraguay (CDD Py), with the adhesion of Vía Campesina Paraguay.

During the development of the hearing, the delegation of organization representatives of the civil society, presented to the Commission several paradigmatic cases of human rights violations that have taken place within the context of the violation of the democratic process taken place in Paraguay in June 2012, as well as the already requested petitions.

After the presentation of the delegation of organizations from the civil society, the representative of the de facto Paraguayan government made their presentation.

Later on, the members of the commission of the CIDHP expressed at the hearing that they were expecting more information of the delegation of the Paraguayan State on the case Curuguaty. They expressed their concern for the murdering of three peasant leaders and the intimidator nature these events represent for the communities where they live.

Members of the commission also expressed their concern regarding the situation of the indigenous peoples, and demanded more information from the State on its acting around the case of the indigenous Cuyabia community.

Likewise, the members of the commission also consulted with the delegation of the Paraguayan state on the measures being adopted to safeguard the rights of Fany Olmedo and Dolores López, who are in jail in relation to the Curuguaty case and both are in the last months of pregnancy.

Finally the members of the CIDH commission urged the representatives of the Paraguayan state to commit themselves to provide, in the shortest time possible, more information on the different issues presented by the delegation from the civil society organizations.

See online : Paraguay: CIDH obtained information and received requests on cases of human rights violations

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