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Post 2015: Education

Support materials for the defense of the post-2015 process

Thursday 21 March 2013

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Authorship: International Council for the Defense of Adult Person Education (ICAE).

Published by: ICAE.

Canal: Popular Education Council for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEAAL).

Type of document: Manual.

Language: Spanish.

Theme: Education and Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Keywords: Sustainable development, Education, Development education, Gender equity, MDG, International agencies, civil society.

Countries and Regions: International.

Description: Support materials for the defense of the post-2015 process.


- Introduction.

- What do we mean when we refer to the post-2015 process?.

- Where are the civil society organizations?.

- How is it possible for the members of ICAE to participate and defend law all along the process?.

- Important messages.

- Resources.

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Within the next three years, several organizations from the civil society will mobilize toward the reorganization of the post-2015 development agenda through the participation process in the drafting of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the MDG, the goals of EPT and a post-Rí+20 CONFITEA .

Based on this scenario and in the proposals and recommendations ICAE held in Marrakech during the month of October 2012, ICAE is placing a special emphasis in the process of 2015 and it is supporting and backing all its members so that they will develop its capacities to mobilize, at a national level, the common incidence agenda. This document is an instrument of defense at a national, regional and world level which will continue growing with more information on the different processes, actors and issues in the post-2015 development agenda.

ICAE considers that the debate on the post-2015, both of the EPT and of the MDG, should try to define new objectives of comprehensive sustainability (social, cultural, education, economic, environmental, of equity, food) with special attention to transformation processes that should be adopted to reach these new goals, and, in particular, the role that could be played by the learning process of adult persons.

ICAE and its members should playa n important role at a world level, with an active participation in global networks, coalitions and alliances to influence in the debates on education policies and on the education of young and adult persons, in particular, detecting issues such as literacy, gender equality, a decent job, sustainable development and climate change, education for citizens and human rights, learning through the entire life, to promote a transforming and significant change in the design of new visions and strategies for development and social education.

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