Radio Integracion, creating Communication for Good Living

Thursday 30 May 2013

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Authorship: Lisseth Zhuma

Published: La Bitácora de ALER

Canal: Latin American Association of Radio-phone Education (Asociación Latinoamericana de Educación Radiofónica) (ALER)

Type of document: Article

Language: Spanish

Theme: Communication

Keywords: Communication, Gender equity, Gender, Media, Public policies

Countries and Regions: Ecuador, Latin America

Radio Integración, emerges after several organizations of Puyango, determined that the insufficient communication in the Canton and South West of the Loja province will hinder its development, thus determining that the solution to the problem is to create a community radio.

On February 20, 2003 a dream came true and the radio station began its broadcasting from Alamor, the Canton head of Puyando, with an alternative programming, using criteria of equity, civic participation and socio-organizational consolidation, of value and respect to our natural resources, promoting the rescue of our identity and culture, supporting community initiatives in the area of agricultural-agro industrial production and marketing as well as artisan ones, contributing to the creation of spaces of healthy live. All these, within a context of peace and bi-national integration.

Within this framework, during the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010 the radio station implemented projects with Pci – Media Impact, a US nongovernmental organization, in the production of radio soap operas covering issues such as: organization, the environment and sexual and reproductive health, respectively; products which were broadcasted in radio-magazines, promoting local talent and the participation of children, youth and adults of both sexes.

Also in 2010, the Association of Popular Communicators (ASCORI by its acronym is Spanish), forming part of the consortium to which the radio belongs, with the support from the Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion, (MIES according to its acronym is Spanish) and the Institute of Popular and Solidarity Economy (IEPS by its acronym is Sanish) implemented the Project: Strengthening the Social Participation and Organization through popular communication, to contribute to the participation of local and regional actors, and to spread its socio-cultural practices; which also allowed attaining objectives such as: improving radio technology regarding equipment and technical team, training and education of the staff of the radio and from the popular communication network, to draft and spread education-communication products along the Cantons of Celica, Pindal and Puyando.

With this Project, Radio Integración was able to install two radio-phone cabins in strategic areas to the south of the province; one in the parish Teniente Maximiliano Rodríguez – Algarrobillo of the Canton Celica and the other in the Canton Pindal located in the head of the Canton bearing the same name. Both cabins are aimed to correspondents and community leaders of the sector that have received training in communication for development and in the use of new technologies; on a daily basis and through internet our popular communicators inform us about what is happening in their communities; the implementation of these cabins has allowed us to save time and expenses, our correspondents no longer have to travel long distances to the main cabin to work on their news but rather they do so from their own community, from their cabin. Our interest is also to include sectors which in general have been turned invisible, and that is why talks are being held with an association of handicapped persons from a parish in Puyando so as to install a cabin at that place to be under the command of the leadership of said group.

Radio Integración, which has been ten years broadcasting, the same time this valuable communication process has existed, stresses the fact of seeing people who thought they didn’t have a voice being aware at present of their right to express, a right which was limited since they didn’t have a space supporting them and whose opportunity was generated through this mean.

Radio Integración “the friendly voice of the people” as we have been defined by our listeners, will continue guaranteeing spaces for civic participation with freedom of expression and further responsibility, thus promoting good living through a popular communication.

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