The former general on his rabbit hole

The Devil pays poorly to that who served him well

Wednesday 29 May 2013

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Authorship: Collective of the Gotera.

Editorial and Canal: Latin American Information Agency (Agencia Latinoamericana de Información) (ALAI).

Type of document: Article.

Language: Spanish.

Theme: Justice.

Keywords: Social conflicts, Crimes against humanity, Civil and political rights, Impunity, Justice.

Countries and Regions: Guatemala.

Last minute Epiphany. The obscurantist and medieval forces in the region are moving back. The Pyrrhic Victory obtained by the genocides and its underlying with the revoked by the super questioned Court on Constitutionality of the sentence issued to the former general Efraín Ríos Montt, only served to open the bedlam that was covered by the sinister elites ruling the Guatemalan nation and whose filth was shown as a result of the animosity by the courage of the Ixil people, and within it, by its women, who obtained a convincing victory in the field of truth and respect to human rights over a bunch of murderers headed by the former general.

A triumph in favor of equality and dignity, obtained after formally charging a former head of State -with the aggravating de facto circumstance of a genocide crime- fact that was categorically proven during the trial. Based on that, other actors such as those grouped in the cupola of the Coordinating Committee of the Trade, Industrial and Financial Associations–CACIF (for its acronym in Spanish)-, are in the sight of future investigations, as well as other ultra right wing groups in favor of which our column writers and opinion leaders in radio and television have been speaking. Fascist groupings are also waiting for its moment of indignation such as AVEMILGUA, the Pro Patria League, the Foundation against Terrorism, and others.

The history of these crimes has barely shown the tip of the iceberg regarding the corruption kept inside it. The bones of those murdered have started to be shown and their voices are heard through those who have survived. The latter have begun to speak, to offer their criteria and to denounce the name of their assassins and of their lawyers.

We can foresee that sooner than later, the decision of denying the genocide will triumph, and it will be a crime for a society tired of violence and deaths; abuses and humiliations. Denying genocide will be an affront for the memory of thousands of victims that were eliminated for the simple fact of thinking on a new homeland, a homeland for them, where their sons will live happily and without any concern.

Meanwhile the former general continues on his rabbit hole, for the time being safe, but frightened, uneasy and sullen since he knows that the arm of justice might fall upon him at any moment. While on his brain this old saying is present: “The Devil pays poor to that who served him well”.

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