The enigma of the prisoners

Friday 31 May 2013

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Is the ruler of such a small country as Peru so important to deserve that the president of the most powerful nation on Earth waste two days of his time with the former?

This is the third time they meet. There were also some other contacts. Hillary Clinton came and established good relations with Nadine Heredia. Bill Clinton arrived, all of the sudden showing great interest on the Cusco. John Kelly, chief of the US Southcom or South Command, one of the ten fighting commandos used by the United States to occupy the world, visited the Palace in January and said that the relations between Iran and Venezuela represent one of the most serious dangers of today. American soldiers have been waging “humanitarian” operations in Talara. There is an idea to build an American airport in VRAEM. Enrique Peña Nieto, the brand-new president of Mexico, have hinted the creation of the “Pacific Alliance”.

How come Peru, the first world cocaine producer is not condemn or even signaled by the United States as a world danger and, quite the contrary, it is seen as a “star country” or called the “Peruvian miracle?” What would they say or do if the Bolivia of Evo Morales or the Venezuela of Nicolás Maduro would send every year three thousand kilos of cocaine to the world as our country does? The official agenda for the month of June is naively: social inclusion, developme19th Century to take hold of the guano producing islands located on international water.

Manuel Prado was the first one to declare war against Germany and Japan (what a terrifying shock this actions probably was for Hitler) in 1941. The plundering of all German properties was ordered and Japanese nationals were sent to concentration camps in the United States. The US navy trained the intelligence service of the Peruvian navy inaugurating relations that later on will be used by the CIA. Haya de la Torre was the antecedent of McCarthyism; he was a McCarthyist before McCarthy himself. The second government of Prado, an ally of APRISTAS, provided the initiative for the expelling of Cuba from the OAS. The United States financed Alberto Fujimori with no less than 7,000 million US dollars given by the IDB and the World Bank.

With the only exception of Velasco, the Palace was always vice regal. Washington never abandoned the Monroe Doctrine.

And now with a rather complicated chess board, Washington needs to Split UNASUR and CELAC. With Juan Manuel Santos drafting his own script and a Sebastián Piñera on the brink of leaving, the only thing more or less secure is in Lima and México DF. Although Washington is convinced on the fact that one cannot trust too much on the PRI.

So, th axis Washington-Mexico-Lima is meant to be the Holly Alliance of the present time. But the participants are two prisoners. The one in the White House is a prisoner of the oil and military complex. He is a captive of the banks that staged the real state scam of 2008 without being sanctioned and of the companies that have transformed the health reform in the fabulous business of private insurance. He has to tolerate the death of hundreds of innocent civilians, many of them children, by non-crewed air vehicles. He cannot even close the Guantanamo prison. The other, the one in the House of Pizarro, continues launching threats through the media. He does not even attend the inauguration of Rafael Correa. Both have signed a road map after promising a Big Transformation.

Probable agenda: no more CELAC or UNASUR, no to Russian tanks, cart blank for cover US operations; and support point against Maduro, Correa and Kitchner. “Arab Spring” organized by the CIA in Venezuela. This is what could be the plan of those in Washington.

And what will Lima respond? In a certain way this mess is funny. Because it is not an easy task for the prisoner in the White House to loss the knot from the spider web of a stumbling relationship with Europe, an economy not able to take off, a China continuing with its silence advance and many conflicts around the world in which the Pentagon is reaching to its limits. And it will not be easy as well to completely link Peru to a cart with shrilling axis. .

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