The President of Bolivia greets the Sixth Conference of La Vía Campesina

Monday 10 June 2013

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Canal: La Vía Campesina (LVC)

Signatories: Evo Morales Ayma

Type of document: Communiqués and statements

Language: Spanish

Theme: International Conference Human Rights

Keywords: Agriculture, Self-determination, Good living, Rights of Nature, Health

Countries and Regions: Bolivia, Latin America

While congratulating all comrades forming part of La Vía Campesina I would also like to express my thanks for the unconditional support provided to our social movements during these two decades of hard work. Equally I would like to express that our commitment and our militancy with the mandates and the philosophy of La Vía Campesina are stronger than ever before. All along these years in government we have done no other things than preserving, broadening, strengthening and implementing them as advised by a proper political awareness.

Today more than ever before we must work on new proposals, programs and trade union struggling platforms which will help us to stop the imperial aggression against our peoples and at the same time contribute to defeating the scourge of poverty, simultaneous and immediate tasks that cannot be eluded.

Latin America is living a new wave of foreign aggressions with the intention of dividing us, to impede the continuation of all those things in which we have been able to move forward and to reverse the huge achievements attained in favor of our most suffered, excluded and dominated peoples during the recent past. La Vía Campesina constitutes our fighting trench and its incorruptible work inspires us to deepen this process of change.

We should be on the alert to confront the double threat floating over region: the nefarious pact among those members of the Pacific Agreement, with the intention of re-editing the failure of ALCA and those who request as if they were a colony military operations with NATO, not pleased with the military bases already installed in their countries and not yet at easy with the vigilant and threatening power of the South Command and the IV US Naval Fleet, deployed close to our borders and to our sovereign territories.

From this, our modest fighting trench, which is Bolivia, where social movements are ruling to emancipate themselves from failed colonialism, I want to request all of you to be on the alert to defend the liberation revolutions started by our grandfathers, continued by our great persons of freedom and that we are compelled to defend with our own lives.

Never before, all along the history of humanity, social movements have been facing so much aggression, hostility and imperial undermining strategies against our struggles to recover natural resources. Never before along the periods of history of humanity, have so much attacks been waged, in such a short time and with so many ignoble weapons against the decisions that today give back sovereignty and dignity to our peoples. That is why I am urging all of you to continue together and to continue our work for a faired world and for a more promising future.

I want to reiterate my militant commitment as an indigenous-peasant leader who at this historic moment bears the mandate of the Bolivian people to move forward the task of creating a Multinational State based on social justice. Bolivia is and will continue being a strategic ally to the international social movements on its struggle against plundering capitalism and its colonial expression linked to green economy that can only worsen the climate crisis in which we are living and perpetuate the poverty into which we were thrown.

I wish that the Sixth International Conference to take place in Indonesia, June 6-12, will be the best scenario to ratify the commitment of the poor that always have been poor and from all poor in the world. Only the liberation of our peoples and its full independence will turn us into dignified, sovereign and proud beings. Our mandate is to globalize the struggle to irradiate the revolution.


President of the Multinatinal State of Bolivia

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