Uruguay: The Senate voted and adopted law on mining in an environment of rejection

Thursday 15 August 2013

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For the second time in leass than a week, the Senate was forced to briefly interrupt its session in which they were analyzing the draft on large volume mining activities due to the anger expressed by the assistants as spectators, who are opposed to said initiative.

On August 13 a vote was taken for the law exclusively with the 16 votes from Frente Amplio, although some of its members expressed certain doubts regarding the Project.

The Chamber of Senators adopted by 16 out of 28 votes the draft law on large scale mining. Now it should go to the House of Representatives to draw an analysis on changes on the different paragraphs.

The draft law was adopted, as it was foreseen, only by the Frente Amplio because as for the opposition it has expressed many criticisms. One of the main objections formulated regarding the draft is that it “was custom tailor to fit Aratirí".

In the middle of a lot of shouting and insults, the Senate from Uruguay voted and adopted the Law on Large Scale Mining. This is the second time in a week, in which the Senate is forced to interrupt the session due to the shouting and booing from the spectators that oppose to the draft law on Large Scale Mining, specifically the Project "Aratirí".

The rather polemic Project "Aratirí" already has the doors open to install itself in Uruguay, a country – that up to now – was bearing with great pride its slogan “Uruguay Natural" and whose rivers already are showing evidence of the pollution by pesticides. The outstanding contradictions in Frente Amplio, around this issue, were shown during the voting process: some representatives from the left wing tried to present an excuse by saying as an excuse that they were voting “only to abide to party discipline”.

President Mujica has been criticized by environment support groups who say that he has change his attitude, clearly referring to what was its speech in Rio regarding those issues and whose images are still seen all over the world in Internet.

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