Wednesday 4 December 2013

Date: 27 November Type: Press Release Source: Indonesian Peoples Alliance Keywords: Junk WTO, TPPA

A failure in the WTO deals is a step towards victory for the people.

This is the statement of the Indonesian Peoples’ Alliance (IPA) as it celebrates the failure of trade ministers to reach a global free trade agreement in Geneva as announced by World Trade Organization director general Roberto Azevedo.

This failure only delegitimizes the WTO as a global institution that purports itself to be facilitating multilateral trade among countries. This also shows the continued failure of the WTO after Doha round. The WTO since its inception has not in any way assisted least developed countries (LDCs) in improving their own economies but has only restricted them to the impositions of big capitalist countries like the United States.

Furthermore, WTO agreements have only caused so much suffering for the people. The Agreement on Agriculture, for example, has only caused the liberalization of the agricultural sector with poor farmers competing against cheaper agricultural imports from developed countries.

The failure in achieving a global free trade deal is a big step back for the WTO to renew its offensive to push the neoliberal globalization agenda of liberalization, deregulation and privatization that has only proven to be detrimental to the life, livelihood and rights of workers, peasants and other classes and sectors.

Such a failure only puts to light the fact that the US is being challenged in the global trade arena.

With this failure come vigilance.

As we celebrate this failure, we must come together and strengthen our unity and resolve to fight trade monopoly that is being vouched by the WTO. Bilateral and regional trade agreements such as the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) are being developed and we must continue to resist them.

The IPA supports all nations and peoples asserting their national sovereignty and aiming to protect their economy against the onslaught of neoliberal globalization. Right now, more countries are more concerned in ensuring food security and sovereignty, human rights and sustainable development rather than raking in profits at the expense of the people.

Human rights and democracy, environmental sustainability, food sovereignty and equitable development and the eradication of poverty and inequality in the world should be the aim in promoting multilateral trade. These have never been the aims of the WTO and it is with much resolve that we continue to call: JUNK WTO!

The IPA shall amplify this call in the upcoming People’s Global Camp in Bali, Indonesia on December 3-6, 2013 as a counter-conference by the people of Indonesia and the world against the WTO that will hold its 9th ministerial meeting around the same time in Nusa Dua.


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