HONG KONG: Justice for Jennifer! Junk VFA-EDCA!

Monday 20 October 2014

Date: 18 October 2014

Source: Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants

Type: News

Keywords: EDCA, VFA

OFWs in Hong Kong led by GABRIELA-HK (an alliance of women migrant organizations) and FilGuys (a Filipino LGBT organization and member of GABRIELA-HK) held a program to express condolence to the family of Jennifer Laude, express indignation over her brutal murder and call for the scrapping of the VFA and the EDCA.

Members of GABRIELA-HK and FilGuys-GABRIELA attended the program together with friends including members of the Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship, Consider the Trouble bookstore, and the academe - Prof. Amos Sim and Prof. Brenda Alegre from the Hong Kong University.

Speakers took turns in condemning the murder of Laude by alleged US serviceman Jason Scott Pemberton. They remarked against the violation of the rights of the LGBTs and the attacks against their dignity and person.

Also, they scored the lopsided VFA and EDCA as connected to the crime as US military presence in the Philippines and elsewhere has been proven to result to cases of violence against women, LGBTs and the people. Because of the VFA-EDCA, bringing the perpetrator to justice will also prove difficult.

Participants of the program pledged to keep watch of the development of Laude’s case and also continue to participate in actions that call for the scrapping of the neocolonial VFA and EDCA.###

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