INDIA: A second protest in Tamil Nadu State for construction and unorganised workers

Monday 14 October 2013

Date: 07 October Type: News Source: Building and Wood Worker’s International Keywords: construction, workers, struggle, protest

The resentment among the workers in Tamil Nadu state, particularly in the construction sector is on the rise. On 10 September 2013 a protest was organised by a BWI affiliate in Tamil Nadu State and now the AIKTMS - a constituent union of TCWF - joined hands with leading central trade unions to organise a massive protest on 25th September at Chennai, Tamil Nadu State in India.

The protest was organised to highlight several issues confronting the workers:

rising inflation; increasing prices of essential commodities; corrupt practices thriving at central and state government; demand for a minimum wage of at least INR. 10,000 for workers in the unorganised sector; fixed pension benefits for all the workers; and the poor functioning of the state construction welfare board.

Addressing more than 3200 workers who had gathered for this protest, M. Panneerselvam, General Secretary of AIKTMS stated “the downtrodden working class has been hit hard on all fronts and the government needs to act fast to redress their genuine issues, otherwise we are committed to scale up our demonstrations in the near future.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by the leaders of the central trade unions in their deliberations. The mass meeting decided to continue their struggle and organise a big protest on 12 December 2013 at the national capital of India – New Delhi.

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