INDIA: Activists demand clarity on land pooling

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Date:7 October 2014

Type: News

Source:The Times of India

Keywords: Land grabbing

HYDERABAD: Taking strong objection at the AP government’s attempts to take over green fields for the proposed capital city, various organisations have demanded that the government make its plans clear on the actual land requirement. Activists alleged that the entire process of land pooling seems to be to help only realtors.

Addressing a conference organised by Dalit Bahujana Front (DBF) in Vijayawada on Monday, former MP Yalamanchili Sivaji found fault with the government’s plans to acquire one lakh acre for the capital. "There is absolutely no need to acquire one lakh acre at the cost of small and marginal farmers," he said, suggesting that the capital be constructed in the available 23,000 acres in VGTM-UDA limits.

He wondered why the government needed so much land when the entire infrastructure in Hyderabad is not spread in more than 1,000 acres. "If land has to be acquired, it should begin from big realtors and industrialists who own vast tracts of land in and around the Amavarathi-Mangalagiri region," the former MP said. Sivaji warned that the entire process would be hit if the government uses force and urged coordination committees with farmers, local leaders and intellectuals to make the process more transparent.

APCC SC cell chairman Korivi Vinay Kumar demanded that all the plots distributed to SC and STs under the land distribution scheme should be exempted from land pooling and acquisition. State DBF general secretary Melam Bhagyarao added that there is no question of farmers agreeing to land acquisition if denied justifiable compensation.

Bhusadhana Vedika leader Ch Ravikumar said an on-field survey should be taken up to assess the actual requirement of land for capital. Bhumi-Upadhi Hakkula Vedika leader Velicherla Durgaprasad said that the new Act on land acquisition mandated the conduct of a social impact assessment prior to issuing notification for land acquisition and violation of the act would only delay the process.###

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