INDIA:Green activists oppose riverfront development

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Date:6 October 2014

Type: News

Source:The Times of India

Keywords: development aggression, riverfront development, environmental activists

NASHIK: Environmental activists have raised objections to MP Hemant Godse’s statement that he would speak to the Prime Minister about developing the Godavari riverfront on the lines of Sabarmati riverfront development.

While speaking to TOI, the Shiv Sena MP had said that he would meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was to come to the city to address an election rally on Sunday, and urge for Kumbh funds and riverfront development. On the existing riverfront development project, Godse said that nothing much has been done under the project."

Green activists, however, said that the riverfront development on the lines of Sabarmati river will further harm the Godavari. Environmental activist Bishwarup Raha said, "Why do they unnecessarily want to tamper with the river? The Goda Park is already being developed on the lines of Sabarmati. Why do we need another riverfront development?"

Unless the river is healthy, Kumbh Mela should not be held, the activists said, adding that, separating the river from sewerage is their main focus.

Vibhu Prakash, deputy director of the Bombay Natural History Society, said: "Any development or concretisation in the river destroys the habitats of birds, fish and other amphibians."

The activists said that they were not against development, provided it does not harm the environment and disrupt the balance of the nature. "The Sabarmati riverbed is very big but that of Godavari has become narrow. If the environmental balance is maintained and the river is not tampered with then the development will be good for the city. It will also be a good recreation area for citizens," said Shekhar Gaikwad, environmental activist who is against concretisation of ghats and riverbed.###

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