INDIA: Urgent Appeal Against Eviction Process of the Residents of Singda New Bazar, Senapati District by the Governmet of Manipur, India for Singda Dam Catchment Area Expansion

Friday 14 June 2013

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Date: 11 June 2013

Type: Letter of Appeal

Source: People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty

Keyword/s: forced eviction, human rights

Forced eviction targeting marginalized communities has been increasingly in Manipur due to aggressive push for mega development, industrialization, setting up of state and private institutions. Mega dam’s construction and tourism related eviction is fast intensifying. The villagers of Chadong, Riha, Thawai etc along the Thoubal River in Mapithel Valley are threatened with eviction by the construction of Mapithel Dam of the Thoubal Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project. Likewise in a tourism related eviction, residents of Naga River colony along the Naga River were mercilessly evicted without their consent in May 2013 for construction of a huge five star hotel, in violation of all legal processes which order against eviction and against all standing international human rights laws on eviction.

Earlier in the year 2011, the Government of Manipur was urged by the UN Special Rapporteur on Housing rights during his intervention on the forced eviction of residents of Lamphelpat Wetlands in June 2011, not to effect any forced eviction without the consultation and consent of all affected peoples and communities. Eviction takes place in Manipur in the background of absence of policies to project the rights of affected communities for their just rehabilitation and resettlement.

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