MALAYSIA: Cambodian workers jailed in Malaysia

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Date: 20 October Type: Report Source: Australia Asia Workers Link Keywords: migrants, workers, jail

We’ve brought you regular reports about the situation for migrant workers in Malaysia - see here, here and here. More recently, a Cambodian woman who has been working in the garment industry has been detained in Malaysia for nearly a month after she failed an annual health test and before she was able to make arrangements to return home. She is among 74 Cambodian migrant workers who have been arrested and detained in Malaysia for various reasons to do with visa violations. Capitalists rely on and profit from the cheap labour of migrant workers. The bosses are never detained or punished for hiring migrant labour, yet migrant workers are languishing in foreign prisons while their fate is decided by hostile governments. Migrant workers and local workers must work together in joint struggle for rights, wages and conditions. Workers change the world.

See online : MALAYSIA: Cambodian workers jailed in Malaysia

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