MONGOLIA: Arrest for environmental activists that protested Areva

Friday 21 February 2014

Date: 20 February 2014

Type: News


Keywords: Environmental destruction, political repression

Environmental activists of the Fire Nation (Gal Undesten) movement held a demonstration outside of Government House on Wednesday February 18th protesting mining uranium by the French nuclear company Areva in Mongolia. Police arrived to arrest some of the environmental activists as soon as the activists from Gal Undesten movement, Mongolian lawyers association for environmental protection and Khukh Mongol NGO held the demonstration.

There was a meeting scheduled between representatives of the French nuclear company Areva in Mongolia and the Head of the Standing Committee on Security and Foreign policy at 02:00 pm on Wednesday. However the meeting was postponed due to the environmental activist’s protest against mining activities by Areva in Mongolia. ###

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