NEPAL: Agitating teachers to protest govt action

Sunday 2 November 2014

Date: 30 October 2014

Source:The Himalayan

Type: News

Keywords: Labour rights

KATHMANDU: The agitating temporary teachers, who were evicted two days ago from Shanti Batika, Ratna Park, for staging relay hunger strike there, said today they would gather at Durbar High School on Saturday to voice their anger against the government for depriving them of their right to peaceful struggle.

Temporary teachers, who have been demanding permanent status for long, had been staging relay hunger strike at Shanti Batika for the past 314 days. But on October 28, officials from Kathmandu Metropolitan City evicted them from the protest site, saying that the area needed to be spruced up in view of the upcoming SAARC Summit.

The teachers have been demanding implementation of the education act and formulation of education regulation so that they could get permanent status as per an agreement reached with the government earlier.###

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