NEW ZEALAND: ANZ bank workers in NZ vote for strike

Sunday 12 October 2014

Date: 6 October 2014

Type: News

Source: Yahoo News

Keywords: strike, trade union

ANZ Bank workers have voted overwhelmingly to go on strike across New Zealand over changes to the way their rosters are managed.

About 85 per cent of the bank’s nearly 1300 First Union members voted for national strike action, the union said on Monday, after votes had been tallied.

"ANZ is proposing contracts where workers would only know month by month which days, start and finish times they will be working," retail and finance secretary Maxine Gay said in a statement.

Bank staff had childcare requirements, commitments to community, faith and sports groups, and many studying bank workers had set lecture times, she said.

"Chopping and changing hours may suit ANZ, but it does not work for workers."

Details of the strike action are yet to be decided but should be known in a few days.

Banks staff also wanted a better pay increase of more than the two to three per cent the bank - which made a profit of $NZ1.37 billion ($A1.28 billion) last year - was offering, Ms Gay said.

The union says chief executive David Hisco earns $NZ4.17 million a year while the lowest-paid bank worker gets just $NZ34,600.

"ANZ needs to show some respect and decency towards its workers by offering a pay increase that values the contribution they make," Ms Gay said.###

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