NEW ZEALAND: Auckland students protest fee hikes

Monday 20 October 2014

Date: 20 October 2014

Source: Radio New Zealand

Type: News

Keywords: Tuition hike protest

Students at the University of Auckland have chained themselves to the Vice-Chancellor’s office and the roof of his building, saying it represents how students are chained to debt.

They are angry about what they describe as the constant above-inflation rises in fees of 4 percent a year.

The small protest is being taken seriously with the arrival of two police vans and a car-load of police, as well as extra security guards.

Between them they now outnumber the students who are protesting.

Sit-in organiser Tim Lamusse said fee rises turn away potential students.

It excludes those who don’t want to have the risk of having to pay a $30,000 loan back, it automatically excludes some of the most marginalised students.

And for those who do take on a student loan, how can they expect to start saving for their first home when they can’t even afford to pay back their student loan?

Mr Lamusse said there will be a rally outside the building at 1pm. The protest comes before the University’s fee-setting meeting later today.###

See online : Radio New Zealand

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