PCFS co-organized CSM Southeast Asia Consultation on Responsible Agricultural Investments

Friday 14 June 2013

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Date: 13 June 2013

Type: Press Release

Source: People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty

Keyword/s: food sovereignty, responsible agricultural investments

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) along with six other regional organizations in the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) Southeast Asia Working Group (CSM SEA WG) organized the Southeast Asia CSM Consultation on the Developments of Principles for Agricultural Investment, VG on Land and other priority CFS issues held last 23-25 May 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The consultation is the first of the sub-regional consultation initiatives by the CSM in Asia. PCFS was able to bring in PCFS members and networks from Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines to the consultation.

The activity attended by around 40 individuals representing farmers groups, rural women, NGOs, IPs, etc. from Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and South Asia aimed:

1. To create a deeper understanding of the issues confronted in the sub-region on agricultural investments among CSOs and social movements in preparation for the 2013 rounds of consultation on the rai principles;

2. To identify strategies to effectively influence the implementation of the CFS sanctioned Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Land Tenure and other Natural Resources;

3. To discuss other issues identified as priority agenda by CFS for 2013 to include Climate Change and Biofuels, among others;


4. To strengthen the SEA Sub-regional CSM through clearer understanding of the CSM, its value added to on-going sub-regional CSO efforts on common agenda on food security and nutrition, and by strengthening the SEA CSM coordination structure and processes.

The activity was able to come up with recommendations and action points to the drafting of the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Agricultural Investments and to the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure. The activity was also able to come up with ways forward on the engagements of the sub-region to CSM in relation to CFS. The group recommended to sustain the inclusive process among CSOs/social movements/grassroots organizations in the sub-region to build solidarity and better understanding among them. It was also agreed for the sub-region to become more effective in its representation in regional and global CSM processes through active participation in CSM governance and Working Groups, and the CSM-CFS official processes. And lastly, the group decided to optimize the opportunity for convergence with other relevant global and regional CSO processes (e.g. Development Effectiveness, CSO parallels-FAO APRC, etc.).

The next activities of the CSM Southeast Asia group will be convened by the PCFS co-chair, Mr. Antonio Tujan as the CSM focal person for Southeast Asia starting June 2013 until May 2014.#

See online : http://foodsov.org/index.php/compon...

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