SRI LANKA:Patients support also for the winning of employees’ demands

Friday 7 February 2014

Date: 9 February 2014

Type: News

Source:Unions Lanka

Keywords: Labour rights

Ayurvedic employees, employed in the ministry of indigenous medicine have launched a trade union action of withdrawing duties at the morning session on 6th and 7th of February on the basis of some issues they confront and demands. All Ceylon Ayurvedic Health Services Union states, that this trade union action was launched as a result of none granting of solutions for their issues and demands existed for long time.

This trade union action is taken on the basis of none implementation of the 2006/6 circular, none granting of official name of saukkaya karya sahayaka, unfair salary slashing at the ayurvedic sector, and the women abuse. Initially the all minor staff employees and subsequently the patients joined for this protesting campaign commenced in front of Rajagiriya and Navinna Ayurvedic hospitals, demanding prompt solutions for the issues.###

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