SRI LANKA: Strike at Hospitals Island wide

Monday 27 January 2014

Date: 18 January 2014

Type: News

Source: Unions Lanka

Keywords: Health workers, labor, unions

Secretary of All Ceylon Health Services Union comrade D. Jayalal states that heath employees have launched a trade union action by withdrawing their duties from 8am to 12 noon on 16th at all hospitals throughout the country on the basis of several issues exists in the health sector.

Comrade Jayalal expresses that this struggle has been commenced on the basis of solving 6/2006 circular issues and paying arrears, immediate halting of slashing of week rest, making night duty for a day, establishing 5 day week, paying risk allowances for all health employees, removal of overtime limitation, making all casual, contract employees permanent, granting uniform allowance collectively , and immediate halting of granting informal appointments, and Sri Lanka Janaraja Health Employees Union, and Independent Health Employees Union, has joined for this struggle.

Further comrade Jayalal expressed that the government must responsible for the inconvenience faced by the public as a result of the trade union action of withdrawing from service, and if an amicable solution was not granted, trade union actions would have to be strengthened.###

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