THAILAND: Anti-government protests in Thailand present a danger to workers

Friday 14 February 2014

Date: 9 February 2014

Type: News

Source:Australia Asia Worker Links

Keywords: Union busting, labour rights

Last week’s election has not halted the protests in Thailand against the government. There is the real possibility that the government will compromise with some of the right wing forces currently protesting. Workers and activists need to stand up for the right to organise and freedom of speech. Thai activists need to put forward their own demands.

1. Address gross economic inequality 2. Abolish Lèse Majesté and the Computer Crimes law. Free Somyot and all other political prisoners 3. Reduce the power and influence of the military in politics and society. 4. Bring to justice those who commit gross violations of human rights, including military generals, Abhisit, Sutep and Taksin. ###

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