Egyptian Social Forum Youth Dec 5-8 2013

Thursday 21 November 2013

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Date: 13 november 2013

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From the 5 to 8 of December we will launch the Egyptian Social Forum for Youth in Ismailia, Egypt. We are welcoming all initiatives, movements and groups which fought and manufactured their community experiences over the past few years in their countries, in the Arab region or in the Mediterranean region. We want to focus on the role played by the uprising revolutions in changing the arena and the world for the people who suffered from various forms of deprivation and exclusion and marginalization. And so comes the importance of the Forum in Egypt as one of the Arab countries which has been through a great revolution. And in the past few months our revolution has been able to fight in the streets gaining the real bath for the revolution calling for social justice, democracy, citizenship and a civil state.

According to the importance of what is happening now, we are gladly inviting you to participate in the Egyptian Social Forum for Youth, ESFY, from 5 to 8 december in Ismailia. We will focus on the challenges facing the Democratic Change, the experiences of the youth on the revolution, and the events organized by the activists to push the revolution forward.

We consider this forum will be a preparation step for the possibility of organizing the World Social Forum for Youth in Egypt to create a state of understanding about the current global changes and the relation between it and the youth experiences to recreate a better world.

ESFY focuses on presenting the experiences of the youth, in the Arab arena and the Mediterranean region, discussing all the point of views, and all the problems (local communities issues, land and housing issues, the informal immigration, the right to organize, the student movements, youth movements, art and alternative media, popular community control, participatory democracy, artistic events, and some role models in making alternatives.)

In this context, we are confident that your presence ( direct or remote thanks to extension of ESFY ) will be a great contribution to the success of the Egyptian Social Forum for Youth.

The organization committee of Egyptian Social Forum for Youth bears all the expenses for internal transportation and accommodation for the duration of ESFY from the 5 to 8 December 2013.

With our sincere greetings and appreciation

organization committe Egyptian Social Forum for Youth

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