Iraq NGOs Coalition submit a CEDAW Shadow Report

Monday 10 February 2014


Keywords: CEDAW, Iraqi women, Resolution 1325

This report was submitted by the NGOs coalition of CEDAW shadow report, which consists of several Iraqi women organizations’ networks and coalitions , including the Iraqi Women Network (more than 80 organizations ) and the Rafidain Women Coalition ( 5 organizations ) , and the Gathering of : No To Violence Against Women in Kirkuk ( more than 22 organizations ) , as well as other NGOs . This is the first shadow report submitted by civil society organizations in Iraq, since signing the agreement in 1986. The Chapters of the report were based on what was stated in the government’s report, and on the conclusion notes of the CEDAW Committee in 1998, regarding the last government’s report submitted to it. The report focuses on Iraqi women under armed conflict and its aftermath. The report provides a general and comprehensive evaluation of the thirteen chapters, according to the following areas:

1. Evaluation of laws and regulations and mechanisms based on reality and official procedures, and to what extent do they correspond with CEDAW.

2. CSOs activity in monitoring, control and advocacy campaigns carried out concerning Iraq’s commitment to international conventions, in particular CEDAW and resolution 1325. 3. Proposed recommendations for the new Concluding Observations.

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