APRN’s Statement on the Outcomes of the Rio+20 Summit

Thursday 28 June 2012What now after Rio? As Rio+20 leaves the world’s future in the hands of businesses, APRN echoes system change; vows to struggle with the people in achieving genuine sustainable development Reference: Lyn Angelica Pano, General Secretary | secretariat@aprnet.org The Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) reaffirms the resounding calls that were made in Rio against corporate green economy on the one hand, and for system change on the other, to achieving sustainable development. It joins the (...) Leer más >>

“Green Economy” aggravates migration push-factors

Monday 25 June 2012Joint Statement of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) and the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM) on the Rio+20 Date: 22 June 2012 The attempts in Rio+20 by developed countries to downgrade agreements reached in the 1992 Earth Summit are acts that reveal the rapacious corporate agenda behind “Green Economy”. It is aimed at paving the way for further economic plunder by MNCs/TNCs of whatever that remains of the Earth’s natural and human resources, and to prop up the sagging façade (...) Leer más >>

Anger and betrayal at Rio+20

Monday 25 June 2012Date: 23 June 2012 Author: Demba Moussa Dembele Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—The Rio outcome document was a great disappointment to global civil society organisations. They feel that the interests of the people and the planet have been traded away to corporate interests. Some of the references to Rio 92 principles are intended to mask the reality of the hijacking of the United Nations by powerful private interests, notably multinational corporations. In Rio, the people of the planet have been (...) Leer más >>

Without human rights, sustainable development will fail

Monday 25 June 2012Date: 23 June 2012 Source: IBON International Author: Antonio Tujan Jr. When the speeches are made and the headlines written, I have little doubt that there will be much acclaim given to the re-affirmation at Rio+20 of a series of key human rights principles enshrined in sustainable development at the 1992 Earth Summit. But that will not tell the whole story, and nor will it guarantee the realization of those rights. The Southern NGO IBON International coordinates the “Rights and (...) Leer más >>

R4S delegates join People’s March at Rio+20, bring protest inside Rio Centro

Friday 22 June 2012RIO DE JANEIRO, June 20, 2012—International advocacy platform Rights for Sustainability (R4S) joined the “People’s March” on the “Global Day of Action” organized to mark the first day of formal negotiations by heads of states in Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, now being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The mobilization of some 50,000 activists from both local and international groups snaked around downtown Rio to demonstrate to heads of state—as well as the rest (...) Leer más >>

New Paradigms for Development and International Cooperation: Sights from the South

Viernes 22 de junio de 2012Stand 16 of Aterro do Flamengo was the space selected to held at 9:00 am of today’s morning the self-organiced activity “New Paradigms for Development and International Cooperation: Sights from the South”, presented and developed by the networks and civil society organizations -from África, Latin-América and Asia- that integrate the International Forum Democracy and Cooperation (FIDC). The activity, according with the methodoly of the Cúpula, was programmed to last for 2 hours, but because the (...) Leer más >>

The Summit of the Peoples in the street

Jueves 21 de junio de 2012

After 5 days of intense work in the different self-organized activities, plenary-sessions and general assemblies, the individuals and organizations participating in the Cúpula dos Povos has celebrated a massive demonstration that has filled the city center of Rio de Janeiro with the slogans, chorus and drums of thousands of people.

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The assemblie “Structural Causes and False Solutions”

Jueves 21 de junio de 2012After 2 days of plenary sessions of convergence prior to the general assemblies that will determine the final declaration and future agenda of the Cúpula, today we assisted to the 1st of the 3 assemblies, “Structural Causes and False Solutions”, centerd in sharing, denouncing and making visible the structural causes of the multiple crises and to reveal evidences about the false solutions proposed to them. Including, of course, the green economy mechanisms. In an open space crowded by the (...) Leer más >>

R4S activists challenged the World Bank’s green economy agenda in Rio+20

Thursday 21 June 2012Date: 19 June 2012 Source: IBON International Type: Media Release Keywords: Rights for sustainability, SAPs, green economy, World Bank RIO DE JANEIRO, June 19, 2012 --- Rights for Sustainability activists held a protest rally against the World Bank’s green economy agenda in the Rio+20 at downtown Rio in front of Caixa, the WB’s partner in Brazil. Around 100 people from the R4S delegation, International Women’s Alliance, Kalikasan, Solidaridad, People’s Movement on Climate Change, (...) Leer más >>

Rio+20 abandons the people, favours corporate growth

Thursday 21 June 2012Date: 21 June 2012 Source: IBON International Type: Statement Keywords: General CSO issues, Green economy, Major groups, NGOs, Outcome document, R4S and IBON events, Rio+20 issues, SDGs, Statements, Susdev governance, Rio 1992 Principles, ecological degradation, commodification Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, June 20, 2012 — The following is a statement from IBON International: As world leaders gather today to discuss a social, economic and environmental roadmap intended to address (...) Leer más >>

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