“Rio+20” is the abbreviated form to refer the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20th to 22th of 2012, twenty years after the first UN Conference on Environment and Development (also known as “Earth Summit ECO’92). It was then when the participating states signed a group of principles and commitments recorded in a Declaration and an Action Plan called “Agenda 21”. At the same time, social movements and civil society organizations from all around the world met in the NGO Global Forum that resulted in more than 30 independent sectorial agreements.

In Rio+20 global leaders and thousands of civil society representatives, social movements, the private sector, the academy and other groups will met to evaluate the fulfillment of the commitments agreed in ECO’92 and discuss about the so called “Green Economy”, global governance and institutional arquitecture. Both for governments and social movements this meeting represents an historical opportunity to agree on a deep change on our deveolpment paradigm, building a new “social contract” that will promote a better colective conscience about global goods and transformation of actual patterns of production, distribution, consumption and reutilization.

Following this basis, the International Forum for Development and Cooperation has created the Ad Hoc Working Group on Rio+20 to join the call to re-invent the world in the Peoples Summit for Social and Environmental Justice, parallel to the official UN event, made by the Civil Society Facilitating Committe, composed by more than 20 civil society networks like Vía Campesina, Centrál Ünica de Trabajadores, Marcha Mundial de Mujeres, Coordinación de Comunidades Negras, Habitat International Coalition, Indigenous Peoples Movements, Youth Movements and other organizarions and social movements. Their goal is to promote a process of mobilization and articulation in different countries and in the global level (Including the World Social Forum that took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, during the last week of January 2012), in order to arrive in Rio with renewed energies to condemn mercantilization of life and nature, the false technological solutions that deepen unequality, discuss the contents of an economic ethic based on solidarity and equity, formulate proposals about another possible development and to make visible the initiatives and expertiences of rural, urban, indigenous and peasant communities that are building new paradigms based in ancestral practices and traditions from which a sustainable future for all will be achieved.

In order to collect analisys, reflections, experiences and proposals, we create this space of communication feeded by the FIDC Regional Antenas Network, as part of the preparation to participate in the People’s Summit.

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