Members of the global human rights movement will convene in the Austrian capital of Vienna for a series of events from June 24-28 to reclaim the primacy of human rights. Human rights activists from over 50 countries worldwide are expected to participate in a Vienna+20 Civil Society conference entitled “Human Rights in Crises”, in the House of the EU in Vienna on June 25-26.

Vienna+20 commemorates the Second World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna in June 1993, a landmark with regard to the realization and advancement of human rights. Twenty years later, there is reason to revive this consensus, as there is reason for concern. The focus of the civil society conference will be to evaluate the last two decades, to analyze the current status of human rights, and to strengthen the human rights movement by jointly addressing the new challenges.

Civil Society networks from around the world are currently working on a Vienna+20 Civil Society Declaration to strengthen the human rights movement globally and to renew the pressure to all states to progress in human right standards. Networks participating in this declaration process will discuss and finalize this declaration in the Vienna+20 Civil Society conference “Human Rights in Crises”, in the House of the EU in Vienna on June 25-26.

A Vienna+20 CSO Declaration will also be presented at the conference hosted jointly by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights entitled “Vienna +20 – Advancing the Protection of Human Rights”, on 27- 28 June.

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