Is Leoteo Store Legit {May 2021} Read Here To Find Out!

Is Leoteo Store Legit {May 2021} Read Here To Find Out! >> In this post, you will know thw truth about an online store that sells products in affordable prices.

Are you confused about whether you should shop from the Leoteo Store or not? If you are, then this post is for you. The E-commerce market is booming, and the numbers of online stores are also increasing rapidly.

But as online stores are increasing, scams are also increasing day by day in the United States. There are loads of scams out there on the internet, making it hard to believe on any e-commerce stores. Therefore, we will discuss everything you need to know before shopping from this Store. Let us find Is Leoteo Store Legit further on this post.

What is Leoteo Store?

It is an online-e_commerce store that sells different electronic goods, furniture, home appliances, and many other things. The overview and UI of this platform are quite impressive, and the Store offers different categories of products in various streams.

The products are very affordable, and the quality also looks good according to the images of the products shown on the platform. But it is not always the case as these facts do not prove Is Leoteo Store Legit or reliable to purchase products. Let us look at some more facts that we have researched about this Store to help you decide.

Specifications of Leoteo Store-

  • URL –
  • Address- USA, 1017, IA 50010, 6th St Ames.
  • Email Address-
  • Contact Number- 254730021
  • Return Policy—Applicable within 30 days after the delivery.
  • Refund time- In 5-10 business days after receiving the returned product.
  • Shipping time – It takes about 1-3 days on the shipping and 3-5 days for the delivery.
  • Social media handles – Not mentioned.

Is Leoteo Store Legit or safe to use?

The trust index of this Store is 57% which we have fetched from a reliable source. However, the trust index is not enough; we have researched some more facts related to this Store.

The mentioned address is of some family home in the United States, and no office or warehouse relates to this Store.

The discounts and prices of the products are too good to be true and are ridiculously cheap.

The email address looks very unprofessional for a store that sells and ships a huge variety of products.

The Store does not have any customer reviews or feedback on its official platform, which makes it much suspicious.

Your doubt Is Leoteo Store Legit must be solved after reading this section.

Final verdict-

At last, we will advise that it is not a reliable store and is also not affiliated with any of the reliable online stores. It is just another scam online Store that exists for its benefit.

Many other trusted stores can offer you legit service with many offers you should use those platforms.

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