When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear (June) Know Details

When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear (June) Know Details >> Please find out more about the genes and chromosomes and their life before believing in its disappearance!

Have you heard about the disappearance of the Y chromosome? Is the news about chromosome true? Do you want to know the truth behind the disappearance of the Y chromosome? The, you should scroll down and know the complete details of the Y chromosome in this article.

Many scientists around the United States and other parts of the world are researching about the facts associated with the Y chromosome. The question of doubt is When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear? We have gathered all the information about the Y chromosome. Please go through the article below to know the facts about Y chromosomes.

What is Y Chromosome?

Y Chromosome, associated with the symbol of masculinity, is enduring and strong. It carries the gene called “master switch.” It also determines that is the embryo will develop as XY, i.e., male, or XX, i.e., female. It also contains a few other genes. However, it is the single chromosome not significant or essential for one’s life. Therefore, women can manage without it.

Besides, it can’t undergo genetic recombination. Also, the occurrence of genes shuffling in every generation supports gene mutation damages.

When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear?

Like other chromosomes, as we generally have two copies in each cell, Y chromosomes are usually present only as one copy. Therefore, it is usually received to sons from their fathers. The research study indicates that Y chromosomes had approximately 1,669 genes, similar as X-chromosome around 166 million years ago. Hence, one can imagine that we the loss rate is uniform as ten genes in a million years, then there are only 45 Y chromosomes left.

Hence, it can be calculated that the whole Y chromosomes will disappear in approximately the next 4.5 million years. So, we hope you are clear now about When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear.

What Does The Research Study Indicates About Y Chromosome?

Y chromosomal genes gradually lost through the genome and degenerated with time. Continue reading to know more about the Y chromosome. Various research studies in the United States and worldwide suggests that gradually Y chromosome will disappear as we have only 45 left out of 1,669. Uniformity of the disappearance is the keyword for Y chromosomes here. In the studies of 2005, there was comparison research undergone on the Y chromosomes of human beings with chimpanzees. The research followed in 2012 with the comparison between the Y chromosomes of human being and rhesus monkey. Do many people want to know that When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear?

What Were The Results Of The Research Studies About Y Chromosome?

The research results were that humans had lost only one Y chromosome gene since the diverged evolutionarily happened approximately 25 million years ago. Click here to know more about the disappearance of the Y chromosome. To know more about the disappearance of Y chromosomes, check the link attached below:

Final Verdict:

Y chromosomes are genes and a sign of masculinity. They are not much necessary like other genes for the human body. There were around 1,669 genes around million years ago, and at present, only 45 left.

They will disappear in the next 4.5 million years, as stated in research studies. We tried our best to explain to you all about When Will the Y Chromosome Disappear through this article.



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