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Today’s world is advancing continuously, and we act as a bridge between our worldwide readers and truthful information. However, writing is an art. Therefore, you need compassion and inner passion to learn writing. Moreover, your creativity will make your articles more engaging and appealing.

Do you have that talent in you? Yes, then accept our heart-warming welcome to our writer’s team and Write for Us. We give all the credits of our site’s success to our writers and their hard work. Furthermore, our guest posting is gaining immense fame, and we have been receiving multiple requests for guest posts.

Our website believes in paying for every word you will write. We post articles on a daily basis, and you can join our outstanding platform and reach the heights. In fact, you can do a comprehensive research and frame your write-up related to business, marketing, health, education, travel, and review different products and shopping websites.

What kind of articles do we post on our website?

There is a diverse range of articles regarding travel and product reviews we deal in. Talking specifically, we mainly post the top-searched topics and products from different online shopping portals.

Here is the list of the main types:

  • News content: News articles are all about the on-going trends and current issues and particularly app updates. Moreover, we also include multiple political facts, a particular personality, education and his achievements and many other kinds in our news section.
  • Website reviewing: The website reviewing articles include the comprehensive analysis of the website link from all the possible sources through the specified reference link. Moreover, these website articles will include the detailed information regarding the site’s legitimacy. Besides this, these articles must contain genuine contact information and honest customer feedback stated in the accurate manner.
  • Product contents: These product reviews include the particular specifications of the products, including its manufacturing. This also includes the availability of that very product on other e-commerce stores. These articles must not be based on paid reviews.
  • Promotional contents: Promotional contents include all the self-related details for promoting the particular product or the shopping site. It must include the real information regarding the discount offers those readers can learn about by reading your article.

All the write-ups mentioned above must be framed strictly according to the basic guidelines. In addition to this, we also post contents regarding recent technology updates of different apps.

Factors to keep in mind while writing for us:

  • Read our previously posted contents to understand the guidelines and check the originality before sending your contents to us.
  • We accept a maximum of 1000 words for guest post.
  • Your content should be written strictly according to SEO guidelines.

Primary guidelines to follow:

Our website has set some set of rules and guidelines that you should be aware of before sending your contents to us. You can read the details below:

  • Whether you write a blog, news article or some product or website article, it must be grammatically error-free.
  • Write the entire article in active voice and prefer to add a few sub-headings.
  • The information you include must be accurate and strictly according to the reference link.
  • The article must not contain abusive language and should not contain adult content.
  • You should always add features, product or website specifications, merits and de-merits in bullet format.
  • While writing, try not to repeat a particular set of information multiple times.
  • Your writing language should definitely be harmonious.
  • All the details you include in your articles regarding health must be genuine and taken from reliable source.

What kinds of articles are not supported by us?

You should select the contents wisely to maintain its quality. Please scroll down to know what kind of stuff we do not support:

  • We never post the promotional articles that are meant to promote hazardous substances. For example, drugs and narcotic products.
  • We post articles about famous sports personalities and their achievements; however, we will never support controversial facts that may harm someone’s sentiments.

Moreover, we would not support the adult contents and repeated facts that may appear boring.

Final words

Writing and expressing your knowledgeable views through your contents is an art and if you think you can do it, feel free to contact us.

Moreover, it may take some time for us to post your content because our SEO experts may take a while for quality analysis. We may delete some content from your articles if we think the content contain wrongful facts.

Either you are a new blogger or a marketing blogger, we would love to post your piece of work on our digital platform.

Don’t hesitate while writing for us; you can ask any query via info@democraciaycooperacion{dot}com.